JOURNAL: ZephyrStar (Chris B)

  • 2009-10-28 10:51:50 Why do I keep playing video games as "Bitches&Whores"...

    *ZS was killed by Bitches&Whores

    bewm headshot.

    (PS I need to edit) 
  • EDITSU 2009-06-04 10:58:05 52 HD eps, various intros, special features and 580gb of lagarith later, I'm actually able to edit mah 720p realtime. Now the problem is going to be doing this song/show justice. I'm gonna make a commitment to edit at least 2 hours every weeknight, and at least 8 hours every weekend. I think I'll probably go Master's with this video if it turns out how I want it :O

    I will also hopefully do a couple of other little vids that aren't so serious business. I need at least 1 entry for AFO, and need to do something for pro as well. I had a couple of other things planned, but I'm lackin the source for them, and they'd be awesome so I'll wait. Then of course that 3D video I'm never gonna do D: 
    (I would but I'm at work) 
  • 2008-04-21 22:13:33 @ TJ, FC, Kit

    Maybe we could threaten to re-edit all the Eidolon betas to the Backstreet Boys and release it if he won't stop posting? 
  • 2008-03-13 19:53:01 omgogmogmgomgogmgomgogmgomgogmgomgogmgogm

    3d is hard stuffs when you've not done it in 2 years :| fsking anatomy :| 
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