JOURNAL: BasharOfTheAges (Justin Corriveau)

  • @DriftRoot 2014-08-24 18:23:44 So, you have a vid for AAC then?

    *puppy eyes*

    *puts away puppy eyes* 
  • Another new video 2014-04-05 21:48:00

    Holy crap! 
  • New video 2014-03-24 13:49:36 
  • @DriftRoot 2013-10-22 21:25:36 I was all sad when I didn't see you at AAC. :( 
  • vdub's being a whiny bitch 2013-08-02 20:59:59 Been fighting to start a Pro vid all day. Realized I was missing some episodes. Day of failed encodes later, I'm manually doing them over by hand because batch mode refuses to work.

    I really wanted to power through a good chunk of this video this weekend, but I'm already behind where I wanted to be. 
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