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  • 2007-07-08 15:42:17 I think I hold on to things way longer than I should. When somethings's dead. When somethings dying, I should shoot it in the head and let it go. So it seems to be the situation with my videos. I no longer have the drive I had way back when. There is no lightbulb moment when a song and an anime seem to fit seamless toghter and the urge to finish the video is like a fire that won't go out till that final render is complete. The unfinished videos I have on my HD right now shall be laid to rest and hopefully, like the phoneix , my creative spark will once more fan itself into exsistance.

    Dramatic? Yhea..but what's the internet without a liberal splash of it here and there? =p

    In short..I'm busted. I've got no new ideas and to be quite honest, aside from the new Hellsing OVA's..nothing in anime has caught my eye lately. When they get a good new mech show going, I might be interested. I've found that I have a fairly set taste in anime and if something doesn't fit in with that..I'm more than likely not gonna be interested. Anyway..I'm still lurking about the forum and such..I'll catch ya'll there.  
  • *pokes* It's still alive? 2006-12-10 14:44:30 Howdy to those of you still reading this! Shall 2007 see the comeback of the Lady? Stay tuned! Same Bat time..same Bat channel!


    Or something like that....  
  • Still kicking 2006-07-23 13:55:32 Yhea..much to many peoples dissapointment, I'm not gone yet. No stable internet connection at the moment...and no finished vids to upload yet either. I'm still around though...just an FYI 
  • Looking back... 2006-01-18 19:38:59 I decided to look back over this journal..and boy was I a pain in the ass. I was everything that annoys the hell out of me now. I'm really surprised at how people actually put up with me. Sorry guys!
    Guess that means I'm an old lady now..nah..I've just gotten mellow. =p

    I've been trying to edit..but without much luck. A guy that goes to school with me is part of a local metal band and said he'd like to see what I could do with some of their music. I listened to it tonight..and one or two songs might be do-able. If you want to check them out the addy is:

    Not exactly my thing..but not bad either.

  • 2006-01-14 01:06:06 holy journal entry! =O You do know this is one of the signs that the end is indeed near.... >.>

    Watch this space..more to come... 
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