JOURNAL: sasuke2468 (Sean Rehbein)

  • w00t! sasuke2468 1- Shinodude-0 2007-08-14 13:22:32 me and shinodude where chatting about what we've been up to and i told him i'd been watching alot of movies, one of which was pathfinder. i told him the fight scenes where epic! and he's like anime's better. and then we started argueing for awhile
    and i know none of you really care
    but i got shinodude to indirectly agree that live action if not always is sometimes better then anime

    allstarramnafan (10:19:23 AM): I will never admit that live action is better then anime

    BUWAHAHAHA in ur face!
    (only posted it in journal because i told him i had to tell the anime community and he started trippin' ballz hahahaha) 
  • betaaaa 2007-07-18 18:38:59 Song: Das Omen
    Artist: E Nomine
    Anime: Karas: the Prophecy

    remember its just a beta haha
    if u happen to watch plz let me know what u thought of it and of any errors u ffound or things you think i should adjust :D
    ty in advance to any1 who spares the time to check it out 
  • wheee soooo my computer's finally been repaired 2007-07-18 17:21:21 i bought a wireless adapter and the eva box set with what money I've saved
    and today i finished up the beta of my Das Omen video (started this video last year before comp fried and have been working on it obsessively the last week) using footage from karas: the prophecy. I think I'm gonna finally get back into the amv making groove haha. So my plan after finishing Das Omen will be to do a video using the song Cleaver Sleazoid by Dir En Grey, and the anime will be Evangelion. Suweet haha.
    If any one happens to be reading this... feel free to come back and read my update in about 20 min it'll have a link to the Das Omen beta so u can check it out and let me know what u thought and what you think i should change. Any help is always greatly appreciated :) 
  • ergh 2006-11-08 02:27:16 stupid computer company has had my comp for like 5 weeks now >.< why'd my motherboard frie? its driving me crazy! i was doing really good on my newest video...

    btw for my friends that where on my forum Anime This! and any1 else that would like to join one of the funnest friendliest (in a sence...) and bestest place to chill on ur comp u should so join. myboard failed us, i found a better place, working on our own banner now XD yay


  • ZOMG 2006-10-24 21:08:31 before i forget finally hit 1001 hits meaning i've finally reached 1000 hits with 5 vids XDD zomg i'm boreddddd  
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