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  • Fun And Pointless 2004-04-07 03:17:30

    Fun And Pointless.

    The video title says it all. Fun And Pointless is just that, its just fun to watch, and has no other reason then that. This video is my escape from all the videos that have some deeper meaning to them. This is simple footage to music goodness thatís just overall pleasant. I chose clips that in some way fell into place on the time line. No forethought was used in the creation of this video, other then to just be fun to watch. The song is pleasant to listen to, and the footage is for the most part pleasant to look at. And I just know people are going to scream at me about how the Evangelion footage makes no since and shouldnít be in their. But ya know what; this video is not meant to make since.

    So just sit back, donít even try to look for a deeper meaning, just let the music and images flow into you. There is no point, its just fun

  • New Music, and old music, when they combine, they become CAPTIN PLANET =O 2004-03-29 14:46:44

    all my songs, have fun and dew tell if you like em ^_^

  • Le Sigh 2003-08-28 21:45:47 My media player isent content to let me be depressed tonight.....nothing is. after things went from bad to worse today, i just didnt want to act or react to anything at all. so im going on a trip. into the unknown. when i get their, i will collect something, leave something behind, and chnge something. and when its all over. ill feel better, look better and act better.

    wish me luck

    and hope to be back before to long, and with lots of cool AMVs ^_^

  • to wank/AMV world at large 2003-08-23 23:08:35 i supose i to can say a bit on this, as i have been likewise hurt by this. one thing i was talking to myself about today was how much i miss being able to talk with people that edited as well, and gave a damn about it too. back in the day, editors and artest ran the phorum, and although they wrent alot of them around, the fans were respectable and active. all the real editors, myself included follow an AMV editors code of sorts, and IMO its a bit selfish, making AMVs cuz i like it and its what i want. to an extent that true, cuz if i didnt really have a burnning passion for anime, music and my art, i wouldent have been in the game this long. but i persoanly enjoy that other taboo part of AMVs, the fame, i like talking to people, and getting my AMVs shown at cons. the chance of maybe just getting a prize or winning something excites me also, and it helps to drive me into making things better then i myself would have setteld for. with out the people i feel like an actor without an audence. shallow of me i know, but thats being a human. and lately, i just cant muster up the desire to mingel with people that miss the grander scope of what this is all about. i supose it can ba argued that on a more general scale, AMVs are about what ever you as a person get out of it, and that the most general idea is that you as a person enjoyed it. and i dont mind it when someone didnt get the "message" i put into an AMV, i understand that some things with just go over some peoples heads, im a victom of this myself, so i know it from both ends. its just i cant stand it when people stop TRYING to get that deeper meaning, and just settel for that flash and bang.

    lesson for today, people are weird. i seek out the people that are like me and inside that circle we enjoy things alike. people also change, and so have i. i supose the org has grown with out me, or maybe its the other way around. but with out a doute, its not the same, the feeling isent the same, the people arent the same, the motivation isent the same.

  • so like yea, its that time again and stuff 2003-08-02 19:31:20 its my birthday ^_^

    19 years today, and i feel 40 =

    age sucks, getting old sucks, joint and lower back pain sucks. so yea, im 19 and i feel 40 =

    but hey, this day went alright, i got to go to my fav swiming hole and take a dip in a nice cold-as-ice spring.

    maybe thats why i feel so old ^_^

    tommarrow, yea, tommarrow =O

    thats the story of my life =P

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