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  • 2005-07-28 10:14:23 I'm sick of bitchin about the same damn thing...blah blah I'm not goin to say, I'm tired, bored or hungry! (which I am all three at the moment) aren't you proud of me!

    I should mention the lovely Theresa-chan on here (she asked me too)...but I'm sure she can see I don't really talk about any one but myself here...(not even my AMVs) I'm rather conseeded(I know I spelt that wrong) it would seem--so she's not alone in my hot-headed atempt to make this journal ALL about me.

    ANyways, Thereda-chan has pretty hair, long and shiney! *phew* that was hard, I like writing meaningless crap about me better!I"m a glory-whore! ME ME ME!!

  • 2005-07-27 12:31:17 *smacks head on desk*'s only wednesday..

    It's like this long weekend is a proverbial carrot swinging infront of me on a sting...just out of my reach. DAmn! that was almost poetic! GO ME! I'm not as brain-dead as I thought.

    Spend last night with my father as he bought clothes (at Zellar*shutter*). He's a smart one, he is. Shows me his pay cheque right before he takes my sister and I out to move! After that demonstation I wasn't about to order the soup! FUCK THAT! you clear 4,000 a month your fuckin ass is buying me steak! (actually I had salmon) He WAS smart enough to suggest eating at zellers--bastard must have clued into my intensions-- the most expensive thing on the menu is $10.99 *grrrr*

    didn't start my new AMV..whoops! 
  • 2005-07-26 14:52:32 My mind is slowing, I can actually FEEL it! I feel like some force of gravity is pulling the melting peices of my head to the ground, really, I really, truely feel this way. (no this post has nothing to do with my AMV my bloody face is melting here!)

    It's only 2:48 damn it damn it! *smacks clock on desk* OUCH!! damn plastic devil! DIE!! *smacks clock agian* FUCK! OUCH! Why did I do that again....stupid boredom...stupid clock..*ponders smackin it again but thinks better of it*

  • 2005-07-25 12:03:28 *heather singin in her head* brain slippin in to nothing-ness..sliipin in to nothing-ness *notices she is writing what she's thinkin'* whoops..I'll stop that--it's annyoing to read.

    *yawn* Monday flippin' mornin! hurray...that's sarcasism by-the-way...and I'll give you a BIG FAT finger if you mention the spellin' I like it this way, like a people like their house to look lived in. INNER H EATHER: which is really just a lazy person excuse not to clean their home. *sweat drop* Yeah, right..well...*gives the finger*  
  • 2005-07-25 11:52:07 bahhh, just finishing the world bitterest tea EVER! *points to tea* you're going over here *pushes tea to the farthest point on her desk* boo!

    Anyways, I had a point to make..i've seemed to have forgotten..must not have been important. you know I hate people who say that (even thou I just did--doesn't count..stupid ppl who say it got in stuck in my head!). I hate it 'cause it ain't true! *groan* stupid ppl. people froget to pick up their bratty kids all the time, what their kids aren't important!

    I think the saying should go more like this "oh it's not imporatnt TO ME, so let us move on instead of trying to figure out what may be important to you!" I'm in a bad mood...grrr. 
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