JOURNAL: gypsy (Christo Leone)

  • CRISIS !!!!!!!! 2002-11-28 03:53:23 Loo all.

    I haven't made a journal entry for a long time so I'll try to keep this updated more often.

    In my last post I said I was sorting out me hosting problem. This has become a HUGE problem for me as my host said he would not stand for all the bandwith he's loosing just for my little site. I got officially kicked last month and now I am out to find a new host that will be able to cope with my bandwidth. Once it's up I'll inform all and then hopefully I can get more reviews from other people :)

    My latest crisis it that my Primare HDD failed. I lost 8 gig's of information as well as my excel file in wich I "tagged" all the info of the AMV's I've downloaded. including File sizes, websites, and contact details of every creator of the video (If it is afailable)

    I then tried to split my backup 40 gig hdd that was about 70% full. Partition magic states that it can convert your free space into a new partition.

    !!!!! DONT BELIEVE IT !!!!!

    I lost all the info on my 40 gig as well and now I have to "recover" from my loss. I was 90% completed with my current project and would have been done on the date I promissed (for once) which was on / before 30 November. Now I have to recover first and then start from scratch.

    GGRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!

    Well.. That about sums it up. Will keep you all posted on my hosting situation.

    Cheers vir eers.

    Haste makes waste.
    Sit down and do it right. 
  • All done !!!! :) 2002-09-08 13:53:45 Hi All

    I'm finally done with my movie !!!!

    Its Love Hina on the music of smooth criminal by Alien and farm.

    This is my First official movie that I poured my heart and soul in to.

    If there is people out there that wish to review movies please feel free to download my movie and review it. But please be honest. I can only improve on honest remarks.

    The link for my movie is :

    Please note that my website is currently down so you wont be able to check it out. It should be up and running in about a week or so.

    Thats all new news for now.

    Cheers vir eers.
  • Almost done 2002-06-29 03:44:18 Hi AMV Freaks !!!!

    It turned out I never moved and I am about 90% done with my movie. I am hoping to havie it done before Otakon. So I am hoping it will premiere there. I hope there are other South Africans out there so they can see it is not impossible to get your stuff in america.

    I really had a hard time to find someone that would help me to get my movie there. I just hope they will accept it.

    I hope to have my movie and my homepage done by the 10th of july. I'm not going to rush it though. I just feel that I you rush a movie you wont end up with the same quality as the first part.

    I'll update when I'm done and we'll see what happens

    Till then
    Cheers vir eers.
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