JOURNAL: reigngoddess (Emmanuelle Marcelin)

  • Oh yeah... there's a journal thingy 2012-09-26 14:38:35 Well, my current project has been put on hold for a couple of months now due to Premiere crashing on me every 45 seconds--really with 12GB of RAM?! ARRRRGGGHHH! Solution: save up and get CS6. Now that the oooohs and ahhhhs of checking out the new features are done with I will get back at it. But how to resume when AE CS6 looks so pretty? I've been scared of that software for too long. I set out to learn it with CS5 but gave up when Premiere crashed on me. And this is yet another reason why I should have bought a Mac for this. Blah. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement friends... you know who you are! 
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