JOURNAL: Niwa (Fredrik Magnusson)

  • @Gote 2012-03-13 21:35:43 I would normally not comment on anyone's journal because it's none of my concern. But just seeing someone writing that kind of nonsense as you just did, just makes me think if you even considerate Chiiisus's relation and history she had with Magnus before writing that post. Even though you just wanted to tell your honest opinion about the video, please be more considerate towards the feeling of the creator and also give some respect for the person who just passed away before writing such thing. I'm assuming at least, that you can that much as a human being?

    And can anyone ever, or even imagine judging someone's gift for the person they care about? Especially, questioning them about their feelings, and even suggesting ways they could've done it, that's just something I found idiotic to even mention (excuse for my language) everyone got their ways to express their feelings, and it's not to be judge. I could never imagine a person thinking such way in a situation such as this.

    As you mentioned later on, that ''Art supposed to express yourself'' are you even considering that AMV is classified as Art? I won't even question your definition, but you're mistaken about that one fact, and it's not even worth my time explaining that topic, because is just rediculous in this case.

    I'm not gonna drag this any longer, but do me a favour. Don't ever question about someone's feelings and intention for their gifts, since you're no position to do that, and will never be.

    Thank you for your time. 
  • ... 2012-03-09 20:16:25 My name is Trisha.
    I have a squirrel fetish.
    In my spare time I enjoy stalking squirrels.
    I also enjoy photo creeping.
    I also love llamas.

    My animal husband is Terry. He enjoys sitting in trees and eating bread and nuts. We met on an online animal dating website. All is well! *O* 
  • Another Story [MEP] | RE-OPEN & UPDATED 2010-12-14 18:29:38 So the project is open again because of the interest :)

    Sign up if interested :3  
  • Hell's Kitchen 2010-11-24 19:18:09 I'm just getting addicted to this show for no real reasons. So my torturing began...

    [01:03:35] Niwa: WHERES MY CHICKEN?!
    [01:03:39] Niwa: JESUS CHRIST
    [01:03:40] Niwa: THIS IS RAW
    [01:03:43] Niwa: FUCKING RAW
    [01:03:54] Aimo: training....................I SEE
    [01:04:04] Aimo: SHUT IT MATE
    [01:04:08] Aimo: THE CHICKEN IS COOKED
    [01:04:11] Aimo: ARE YOU BLIND OR WHAT?
    [01:04:18] Aimo: XD
    [01:05:27] Niwa: YOU MUST BE, BECAUSE THIS IS RAW
    [01:05:34] Niwa: YOU KNOW WHAT?
    [01:05:38] Niwa: GET OUT
    [01:05:44] Niwa: GEEEEEEET OUUUUUUT
    [01:05:58] Aimo: FINE I WILL
    [01:06:08] Aimo: I QUITS!
    [01:06:11] Aimo: -SLAMS DOOR-
    [01:06:27] Niwa: BEAUTY?! JUST AT YOUR FACE! NOW FUCK OFF!
    [01:06:31] Niwa: LOOK*
    [01:06:46] Niwa: PACK YOUR BAGS
    [01:06:47] Aimo: AT LEAST ITS BETTER THAN YOURS!
    [01:07:15] Niwa: YOU'RE A JOKE, DON'T TALK TO ME

    What I have go through each day as a chef... 
  • Kazoku Kaikaku on the PSP?! 2010-10-07 20:27:23 Never thought this day would come, but one of my favourite visual novel game is getting a PSP release. I just wonder if they changed anything story wise, and of course the H-scenes are gone that's for sure, but that's not a big impact since there wasn't really much of it anyway.

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