JOURNAL: Hitori (James Scharmack)

  • My thoughts exactly Omni!! 2003-06-28 11:47:11 Yup!! What everyone has been saying about these n00b vids hits the mark!! ^_^

    Preach on Omni and Rubyeye!! 
  • Welcome Back rubyeye!! ^_^ 2003-06-27 19:37:04 Dude, you just had things to get off your chest! It's cool, everyone has frustration every once in a while! I do too... *OMG* =P

    Welcome back and hope everything works out for you and your projects!

    I do videos to have fun!! So should everyone else! ^_~  
  • A-Kon 14 Documentary Trailer 2003-06-25 21:08:08 Yes, just a trailer...

  • Akon was great!! 2003-06-04 23:39:14 Yes it was!! Don't let all the "bad" stuff cloud the real truth!!

    I had fun video taping a lot of what was going on at Akon.. Well, from what and where I could go that is.. ^_^ Anyways... I got some quality footage that could be used for a doc if/when I get the time to complete one! Look around for that!

    The dealers room was where it was all at!!! I got a ton of DVDs and nothing else... -_- Just DVDs!!

    Oh and most of the day sunday I got a ton of people to sign my Akon 14 shirt! And I do mean a lot!!!!!!! O_O I got everything from voice actors to artists from dealers to industry folk from no name people to random cosplayers!! I need to get a digicam shot of the shirt both front and back! ^_^

    On the AMV side of the con.. That was the only thing that really... well, it didn't really have much priority or even much planning at all... -_- It was good to see peoples' videos on the big screen, but it was shown so badly that colors were blown out. Basically all of the videos that made the contest were done on one.. yes ONE vhs tape... So when you get good quality videos and re-record them onto just a vhs.. you'll get crap... -_-

    Aside all of the bad stuff that happened at the AMV contest... I met Castor Troy, Rubyeye, Nerd Studios, and rurouni_trelane! Everyone was cool! ^_^ Good times, good times!!

    If anyone wants to know.. I got one!! ^_^ 
  • Akon!! 2003-05-28 02:11:20 Well I'm off to Akon!!

    I'll be back in a week!!

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