JOURNAL: Maura_of_BagEnd (Talisha Hibdon)

  • New future project idea 2005-09-03 13:33:53 Actually, I still intend to get my Chrno Crusade vid out first, but I'm taking another digital video editing class and I wanted to turn in something quick and easy. So I thought to do one of the mini songs within the Jesus of Suburbia track on the Green Day album 'American Idiot'. Maybe City of the Damned or Tales From Another Broken Home.
    And I wanted to do it to Naruto. And then THIS idea popped into my head..

    I decided, why not do the whole album to Naruto?

    You know, I could make it one of those long term projects you only see collaberation teams take on. I could make it like the rock opera it was written to be. The whole album in the order they are played on the track, one file. Well, maybe several files since I don't know the size limit for this site. But I WOULD have the entire version available in one file on bittorrent or something. ^.^; So how's about that??

    But for now, I think I'll be working on that one little segment for class. I intend to do this project right, so don't expect it to come out anytime soon. I mean DAMN, it's the WHOLE ALBUM afterall. ^_~ 
  • Fiending for Chrno Crusade 2005-04-27 15:34:34 So yeah, I'm making a Chrno Crusade AMV to Mary Mary from the Stigmata soundtrack (who didn't see THAT coming, ne? ^.^;) . I WAS going to turn it in for my After Effects final, but I bombed the class already. Oh well, I'll turn it in when I retake it next time. *waggles eyebrows.* 
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