JOURNAL: JCD (Stephan Teusch)

  • THX 2002-08-13 08:47:31 2 of my Videos became hosted, Together by and The Other Way by

    Big Thankx to these 2 great sites! 
  • ^^ ^^ 2002-08-05 09:34:09 Forget about the FTP, I got member of a studio called Anime Corp, a site with over 20 domains to the most-liked anime in Germany and all over the world. My vids will get hostet at end of the month on a super-fast download-server. The only problem is that I must link the vids indirect to the German site and I guess not everybody out there can read that. I'll speak with the chef and guess that there will be a big button "Download" or that the download starts 5 seconds after klicking the indirect link or something else. 
  • ^^ 2002-06-19 05:13:52 First time I write here after about 5 months...
    I think that I can open my own FTP in about 1 month with my dsl-connection, so the vids could be hosted... please notice that dsl isn't faster than 128 kbps in uploading. but it'll be a solution for short time 
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