JOURNAL: Bauzi (Bernd Schäffer)

  • Nippon Nation (9. - 10. August 2014) Iron Chef Wettbewerb! + Tutorialvideo 2014-07-30 13:23:03 Auf der Nippon Nation (9. bis 10. August 2014) in Wien gibt es einen AMV Iron Chef Wettbewerb. Die Rechner, Software und Median werden von der Veranstaltung zur Verfügung gestellt. Es ist der erste Iron Chef Wettbewerb auf einer Convention in Österreich!

    Für alle die jetzt keine Ahnung haben was ein Iron Chef eigentlich ist, haben wir extra ein Lehrvideo dazu gemacht ;D 
  • NEW RELEASE - Denial, Remorse, Confession 2014-07-28 12:17:21 Hey guys a nice release is here:

    Right now I don't have the time for a proper .org release. I'm really sorry for that because it was always a #1 priority for me. However right now, I can't find the time for it. Maybe in the next days.

    Have fun and please be patient with me 
  • AMV for next week. 2014-07-17 17:39:42 OMG I made a full release AMV in 3 x6hours sessions and it turned out pretty good O_O Expect it next week!

    Finally something wicked again and man... I really went crazy on this one ;D 
  • DVD Fab got ceased 2014-03-11 16:24:19 I really can't believe how a NY court was able to cease DVD Fab. is already down.

    This baffles me. Content mafia ftw. At least it's still available on other domains. Poor DVDFab. Even their PayPal and MasterCard got frozen. 
  • The new AMV will be a real thing 2014-02-11 17:11:31 Okay this AMV will be a reality soon. Hopefully there are no wonky render errors or I might miss the contest deadline, but still: I am fine.

    However... I think it might be a mistake to base a quarter of the AMV on the movie of the series. It's somehow alright, but it's somehow not. It's a change of perspective that might be confusing and missleadin. All I know is that the story would be better if I would only base it on the main story line of the series. Altought I don't know if the rest of the main storyline would carry the AMV as well as the scenes from the movie do. Maybe this is the one time that a recut and alternative version would be appropiate to do.

    The style of the video is more like my AMV "Being a Superstar" (scrap the "fade to blacks" and slow it down). Lot's of straight cuts and relies on flow and dragging on scenes. I like it that way. It's cool :) There are no fx. Just one heavily manipulated scene to arc the storyline. Fuck fx this time. There is really no point in them this time. 
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