JOURNAL: Bauzi (Bernd Schäffer)

  • AMV for next week. 2014-07-17 17:39:42 OMG I made a full release AMV in 3 x6hours sessions and it turned out pretty good O_O Expect it next week!

    Finally something wicked again and man... I really went crazy on this one ;D 
  • DVD Fab got ceased 2014-03-11 16:24:19 I really can't believe how a NY court was able to cease DVD Fab. is already down.

    This baffles me. Content mafia ftw. At least it's still available on other domains. Poor DVDFab. Even their PayPal and MasterCard got frozen. 
  • The new AMV will be a real thing 2014-02-11 17:11:31 Okay this AMV will be a reality soon. Hopefully there are no wonky render errors or I might miss the contest deadline, but still: I am fine.

    However... I think it might be a mistake to base a quarter of the AMV on the movie of the series. It's somehow alright, but it's somehow not. It's a change of perspective that might be confusing and missleadin. All I know is that the story would be better if I would only base it on the main story line of the series. Altought I don't know if the rest of the main storyline would carry the AMV as well as the scenes from the movie do. Maybe this is the one time that a recut and alternative version would be appropiate to do.

    The style of the video is more like my AMV "Being a Superstar" (scrap the "fade to blacks" and slow it down). Lot's of straight cuts and relies on flow and dragging on scenes. I like it that way. It's cool :) There are no fx. Just one heavily manipulated scene to arc the storyline. Fuck fx this time. There is really no point in them this time. 
  • New AMV in the work for deadline on 18th Feb 2014-02-02 18:18:36 Heyho guys,

    I am still alive. Just life happend. You know the drill: working, lovelife and stuff. Actually I had my very own television show for 6 months. It was awesome, but its over for now.

    Right now I have some new AMV in the works. It is a simple character tribut. Slow to mild passing with some action. There is some concept and sort of story going on, but it's a bit irrelevant. Just a small simple old school video.

    The other more artsy and interesting video is "on hold" for now. Due to this new deadline of a local AMV contest I would like to attend to. It's just that this video would not fit the to rules. I just like my blood, sex and violence themes. *shrugs* This video is an interessting one because it paths the way for propably my new future amv style. It will be dark, noisy and full of machines and electronics. I don't know if the artstyle is original. In AMVs? Maybe. In other artforms: no. Maybe it's just me, but I think it gets more and more popular. I barely watch AMVs these days. This might be my advantage, because I miss trends and just create my own in my mind.

    Problems that could hinder the current project: hardware. I have a new laptop and have to figure out new stuff. Like what I can smoothly edit and what not. Right now streaming 1080p footage over USB 3 and a 5400 rpm harddrive barely works the way I want it.

    Also there is a new priority in life: working out. Guys I lost 10kg in 3 months. It's easy. Eating healthier and doing excercises. There is not magic trick to it. JUST DO IT.

    I also try to hook up with a new girl. If I'm lucky this might consume the rest of my freetime. haha

    This was a small update. I don't think you should expect me to be any more active here than this. When I'm active in the community, it's with my friends from my local scene. I started to create some sort of Facebook group, so we can do stuff together and get to know each other. It's cool :) 
  • Audiences 2013-04-23 04:42:22 It's interessting how specific an audience of your AMV can be. This weekend I've won yet another Viewers Choice Award (at the AniMuc in Munich). Yet this AMV is totally irrelevant to the international audience. Giving me under 200 clicks on

    That's totally fine! It's really only suited for people living in Germany, Austria or Swiss. The native German speakers.

    Maybe this also reflects how small of an impact this audience has on Maybe after I have presented the video on the big AMV contests here this summer, than I might see the full impact.

    Let's see about that.


    This also reminds me of how limited you can be without YT blocked this video in about 50-100 countries. With skydrive and, there is no way to reach everybody I want. It's because is probably irrelevant to the casual amv viewer these days. It's a sad thing. 
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