JOURNAL: Sierra Lorna (Laura )

  • 2 New Banners! 2003-04-20 00:16:34 I've made 2 new banners:

    "And everybody's singing... (la la la...)"
    -Yes, these words are lyrics from the song by ATC, "Around the World." The anime character is Belldandy from the Ah! My Goddess movie.

    "Let your voice be heard"
    -Scenes from the newer anime, "Wolf's Rain". I'm about halfway through the series and I already like it a lot. =D Wolves + gorgeous animation = good. ^_^

    My videos' current status:
    -The first video I've made in six months has been released on Local download a while ago. I didn't announce it in the forums because it's not exactly my favourite video of mine. So I'll just announce it here. ^_^
    Title: "Moondance"
    Anime: Sailor Moon
    Song: Nightwish - Moondance

    -I'm working on exactly 5 videos right now, all in the beginning stages, so I may not be releasing another video for a while, until something actually gets done. I'm guessing it'll be several months, probably my "Oh My Goddess!" video, until somthing's released.
    -I'm pleased to say that my "massive" project is coming along pretty well and should be done sometime during the summer! ;) I've just asked AbsoluteDestiny a question about an effect I'm doing for it. I hope he'll reply and tell me it's easy... *hopes*

    Oh, and one last thing: Euphoria is now my new favourite video. I love it! ^_^

    -Sierra Lorna 
  • VCA Nominations 2003-02-28 00:35:22 It's been a while since the nominees have been announced, but I'd still like to say this:

    Thank you, everyone, for getting me nominated as Best New Creator! I appreciate it a lot. ^_^ It doesn't matter if I actually win or not because I know whoever does win will deserve it--I'm up against some very skilled creators and I know it.

    So, good luck to everyone!!

    BTW, consider voting silver_moon's "In My Arms Again" for Best Romance, okay? ^_^ I think she deserves to win that award. 
  • TBHWDDA 2003-01-26 02:27:48 New video complete, done by myself and silver_moon.

    Title: The Bounty Hunters Who Don't Do Anything
    Anime: Cowboy Bebop
    Song: Relient K, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
    Category: Comedy, Action, Fun

    I wonder what everyone will think about this video? It's our first stab at comedy, and I don't really know what people's opinions are going to be about it. Oh, well. Go check it out and let us know what *you* thought by leaving an opinion! Thanks. ^_^ 
  • School starts soon... :( 2003-01-05 16:32:25 Watch this. It's good. (And, no, it isn't mine.)

    Anyway, I've given a donation towards the Golden Donut. My status is now "Partaker". It's not all that much, but I don't exactly have a job or anything, and I'm trying to save my money, so it was the best I could do... I hope other people give enough to get the Donut going. It's going to be great. ^_^ Klinky's flashing "Donate!" banner is what I could use here right now...

    I really don't want to go back to school, but it can't be helped. I'm going to miss the holidays so much. :( 
  • Christmas!!!! 2002-12-13 19:55:36 *Begins humming Christmas carrols*


    Anyway, with Christmas break coming soon, I hope to get a lot of work done on my videos since I will have school aside for the time being. Maybe I can actually get my site's new look done too. O_O

    So, what's happening now...

    Mission Improbable Track
    It's not quite done yet, even though today was the deadline. Oh, well. Some other people aren't done yet either so I'm not really slowing anything down too much. I plan on having it done sometime during the weekend.

    I should start working on that now, I guess.
    *Humming suddenly switches to Sammi Cheng* ^_^ 
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