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  • Progress! 2006-10-27 21:24:56 "Live" is starting to take shape. The first two minutes are edited, and while I will still go back to it to make changes when everything is done, I'm proud of what I've accomplished thus far.

    I originally wanted it done for today so I could show it at a marthon, but the marathon was postponed, so I have more time to work on it now. This is good news.

    Based on what I've done so far, and based on comments from my friends, I can say that it really shows that this was originally supposed to be just a "Beck" video. Mostly because the best parts are clearly the "Beck" parts. I guess that's because I have so many specific clips already envisioned while I'm much more vague about "Bleach" and even more so with "Genshiken". That's not to say that I hate the parts I've done so far with "Bleach" or "Genshiken", on the contrary, some of those scenes actually look rather good in my opinion. But I intend to rethink how those anime are incorporated into the theme of the video so that they don't seem so secondary or tertiary.

    With about half of my video done, I'm glad to see the ideas that have been floating in my head for about a year are finally taking shape. Also, I hope that when it's done there will be more to come. I really enjoy editing and I hope to get to know other editors as well (particularly the ones I have come to respect and admire) which is the main reason I keep this journal.

    I've been a quiet observer of the community for a few years, but my participation has been limited to mere 30-second comedy clips, most of which weren't that funny and were never used. This makes me feel like a tool since I criticize so many other videos as if I could do better. It would almost be karmic for everyone to say my video sucks when it comes out.

    I hope that won't be the case, but who knows?

    Expect more updates in the not-too-distant future. The new deadline for "Live" is November 10!

  • I'm Finally Doing It! 2006-10-24 00:07:55 I finally got around to starting my AMV that I planned to do during the Summer. I decided to make my first attempt at this tradition simpler, so I'm only using "Beck", "Bleach", and "Genshiken". I think it can make a much better AMV when I only have to focus on so much.

    I have it all planned out and I've already begun editing. The intro is finished (which I intended to be one of the harder parts) and it's already some of the best editing I think I've ever done. I'm really rather pleased so far.

    The working title is "Live", which is both the term used in "Beck" for the rock performances and the main theme of this video. I want to capture the driving spirit of the principal characters in each anime; how and why they live. It's hard to explain exactly what I want, but I'm sure it will be easier once I've finished.

    I plan to have it done by Saturday (I want to premiere it at my anime club's semi-annual marathon) and I think that it's doable. I only have a few concerns:

    1) That I'll get pressured by the deadline and churn out crap.
    2) While I have confidence in my editing, I'm worried about how the quality will end up. The "Genshiken" fansubs I dug up have different dimensions than my "Beck" and "Bleach" fansubs, and distorting the clips worries me. I'm worried that it will end up grainy and awful.
    3) That my other obligations will prevent me from finding the time to work on it.

    Still, I'm confident that this will turn out to be my best work yet. I know I still have lots of room for improvement, but the only way to get better is to do it.

    Wish me luck, and look for my new video this weekend (God willing)! 
  • Revamped Idea 2006-07-23 01:14:54 OK, so I've been giving it some thought and I made a decision.

    Now, I recently had an idea where I would start making AMVs for my anime club at college using the anime we had watched as material, finding something they all had in common, and choosing a song to fit them all together. I would show the finished product at the end of the year (or maybe semester. I haven't decided yet).

    My original plan was to start at the end of this coming year/semester, but as I was thinking of ideas to revive my dormant Beck AMV, I suddenly had the idea to start this tradition now.

    So to cut a long story short, I'm still using the same song I originally intended, but now, instead of using just Beck, I'm also including Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai, Bleach, Slayers, Haibane Renmei, Genshiken, Samurai 7, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, and Paradise Kiss. Those are almost all of the anime that my club watched this past year (I'm NOT using Super GALS!) and I think I can tie them all into the song and make it work.

    Suddenly I'm excited about the idea all over again.

    I'll keep posting as I progress. 
  • AMV Hell CE 2006-06-06 20:13:12 AMV Hell Championship Edition came out today. Two videos I created are included. It feels cool to be a part of AMV Hell, although it's not quite the calibur of the other AMV Hells.

    So what's next?

    Since the Naruto fillers don't seem to want to end any time soon, I'm going to have to postpone my Filler Country AMV idea until they do.

    For that reason, I'm thinking I'm gonna re-watch "Beck" and get fresh ideas for the AMV I was planning in March.

    More on that as I progress. 
  • Times Change 2006-03-28 00:12:17 Well, after some consideration, I decided that I'd put the Beck AMV on the back-burner for now. I've just lost interest in it. It no longer excites me and so I'm going to hold off until I get inspired to do it again. I'm confident that I will, just not for a while.

    Instead, a new idea has grabbed ahold of me.

    As every Naruto fan should know, the fillers are (hopefully) coming to an end soon. While most fans have been skipping the fillers, I have been watching every single one. Why? Masochism probably.

    But in any case, a few of my friends who have either skipped the fillers or just barely reached what I refer to as Filler Country have said they might watch the fillers for the heck of it. Having experienced the pain borne from that curiosity, I decided to discourage them with every bad thing I could think of about the fillers. It became a 30-minute-long rant.

    Then I realized that there may be others like my friends.

    For them, I plan to create an AMV whose sole purpose is to show how terrible the fillers really are.

    I'm thinking of showcasing the really bad animation sequences, the overuse of Rasengan, the unexplained drop in compotence of the ninjas, and the god-awful one-shots.

    I'm going to re-watch the fillers to gather the necessary material and inspiration. That's not going to be fun, but I consider it a service to my fellow Narutards.

    I'll try and keep this updated. 
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