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  • 2013 - An Update 2013-09-25 09:09:02 Hey all,

    As you might have guessed, this isnt my main hangout anymore. The rest of our little AMV studio are off doing their own thing, having kids and whatnot, but I though it would be worth an update in case I deside to make a comeback at soem point.

    I'm working in the videogame industry full time and loving it.

    So that was the news with me. See you in a few years ^_^

  • Yo Yo 2005-06-29 12:16:59 Long time no see ^_^

    Im just adding the last amv i made to my list (Excel Sage AMV). It was the one i made for the Amecon AMV contest last year, witch i didnt win, but eveyone loved it.

    Im actualy working on a few AMV's on the quiet, but they'll be a long time coming, so i dont have anything to show.

    Im currently fighting off a deadline, but when thats done, mabe get some more stuff done. Mabe.

    -Ginger Gouki 
  • Second Post! Wow! Lol 2005-04-13 12:51:55 Howdy one and all.

    The writing of my lastest manga (Waywood being the working title) is going well. Gonna talk to Nate about uploading some vid so you can acutaly see them for a change.

    Other than that, no much going on. Im working on Rory's amv and thats it.

    Gonna go see 3 of the worlds grates girls tomorow, luky me ^_^

    Peace out

  • You can leave, but you'll always come back. Everyone comes back. 2005-04-08 13:41:54 Howdy. Long time no see.

    Im gonna be making a few new videos, hopefully uploads some, even my old shitty ones.

    Im currently working as a writer, writing manga no less (beleve me or not). Anyway, just going to make some new videos, nothing speshal.

    -Ginger Gouki 
  • Howdy! 2004-04-08 10:10:01 Just stopping in, thort i'd say hi to all. I know i havent been here for ages, but i havent forgoten the AMV people. Wile i have bee using my Live Journal, thats only coz of some shit, so mabe i'll be back here for good, but not quite yet.


    Dont know who else reads, but a howdy to you all.
    no much to say tho, this holiday is kinda a brake from everything. All i've been doing is reading, training (with a very carm fasion) and playing with my comp. Im the digital Hobo!

    Also, anyone going to AmeCon this year? See ya there!!!

    -Ginger Gouki 
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