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  • Retirement 2006-08-02 13:25:16 After many years active in the AMV scene I began letting myself fade out of view about a year and a half ago. I'm not saying I'll never do another AMV, but at this point I consider myself pseudo-retired.

    AMVs brought me a lot of enjoyment for a lot of years. I had a lot of fun editing videos, watching amvs, going to anime cons where I did panels, entered the contests, and partied with friends., etc. I met a lot of great people and never ceased to be amazed at how far my name went and how others kept pushing me forward. It's quite a compliment to have had fans ask me for my autograph at cons, want to hug me, and e-mail me in broken English from all corners of the world just because they liked my videos. It was also inspiring to see people who knew nothing about AMVs who told me they loved me to go on to do some amazing work of their own.

    As time has gone on my interests and the things I want to spend energy on have changed. I work at a University and several years ago I began studying Japanese while working (something I didn't have time to do as an undergrad.) That took a lot of time and energy away from AMVs but I found it just as satisfying. I don't watch as much anime as I used to (which also adds a nail to the AMV coffin because I get fewer new ideas.) Instead, I find myself watching more and more Japanese live action movies. I also have a new creative outlet of photography which I spend a lot of time and money on. I have a lot of photographer friends, go to related events, and in many ways it's refereshing to be at the bottom of an artform and have to learn a lot to make my way back towards the top, a position that I enjoyed a few years at in the AMV world.

    I'll still show up at a few cons, and I'll still be with my AMV creator friends watching the AMV contests, but rather than a new DVD for source footage in hand, I'll probably have my cameras with me :-)

    I'm sometimes slow answering e-mails, but anyone who wants to e-mail or IM me about AMVs I'll still be more than happy to answer. will always be there and will feature what I'm doing at the time ... and most likely always have a tiny little corner for my AMVs (even if the videos themselves aren't hosted there anymore.)

    I can also foresee msyelf producing a new AMV some day. But AMVs certainly aren't a regular, continuous thing like they used to be for me.

    It's been a fun ride.


    ~William Milberry
    Aluminum Studios (forever) 
  • VCA stuff 2005-01-13 23:15:15 I got an e-mail from the .org saying that many peopel were disqualified from the VCAs. I logged in to see I hadn't check "all of my videos are entered." So I cataloged some of my old vids that were missing and checked the box.

    I'm not really planning on uploading my old videos as they are bad. In many cases I wrote a one line description. I might copy the old text from my old web site: ( if I'm feeling adventureous enough some day. 
  • More divx's of my videos uploaded 2004-03-28 03:06:51 I'm continuing to uploading good quality divx's of many of my videos to the donut. I've uploaded MPEGs for a few videos which are tough encoding cases or where the MPEG looked good enough for now.

    So, if you like any of my videos you might want to go download the higher quality versions (if they are available right now) or stop back in a week or two when I should be done encoding/uploading.)

  • High quality DivXs of my video 2004-03-23 20:57:26 I am slowly re-encoding my videos to higher quality divx and uploading them to the donut.

    I'm not re-encoding all of my videos because some of my masters are kind of ragged and it honestly doesn't make a huge amount of difference for the time it takes - especially for videos like Ordinary World which requires a lot of filtering because the master has this nasty grain to it ...

    I'll make an announcment in the announcements forum when I'm done and they are all up. I think people will be excited over the high quality versions of some of my more popular videos like Blue Mercury which is up right now if you look in my profile. 
  • New vids posted 2003-09-08 09:12:44 Wow, I'm actually entering something in my journal! I write in my livejournal a lot, so I never really use this one.

    But anyway, I just posted my AMV from Otakon this year (AluminuM-3P) as well as an old Sailor Moon vid I did a few years ago but never released. They are avaiable at 
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