JOURNAL: Wonka (Willem Milo)

  • An update and a small vent. 2004-08-22 02:28:10 Just an update on my new video.
    Progress on this has been excruciatingly slow. This is by far the most trouble I have ever had making a music video (creatively speaking), and it has severely been cramping my style.
    Not only that, but it has left HypeO's '04 line-up rather sparse (as in, non-existent). I apologize to everyone for this. I have just been running into constant problems, as every 10 minutes Premiere completely crashes, and normally requires me to reset the computer, or at the very least let it sit for about 20 minutes and let all the memory free itself. This can be quite nasty to the creative process, as any flow I may have gotten into is quickly replaced with abject frustration.
    Not only that, but it would seem that there just simply isnít enough footage to go around. For those of you who have seen Berserk, you know what I mean when I say it is the most action packed slide show I have ever seen.
    With that, I (or rather Beowulf) have had to do what I have been adamantly opposed to throughout this videos now 10 month creation.... and have edited the song. If it werenít for Beo's skill as an audio editor, this video would probably have been scratched. As it sits now, the video will be 7:38, down from 8:39.
    With that now out of the way, I would like to say that without a doubt, the new videos that Beo and I are working on are our finest offerings to date. We're both very excited and proud of them thus far, so I donít want you guys worrying too much. I just needed to bitch about it for a bit, and Iím sure Beo is sick of hearing it from me ^^

    On a different note, AWA is just around the corner, and HypeO will be there in full force. Not only are we coming with our traditional AMV CDs, but we will have some spiffy HypeO T-Shirts to offer.
    Also, the AWA Staff has given us our own panel this year (many thanks to Matt Wagner, Quu and the rest of the gang), so please come and see us! Punch and pie for all!!
    We will be staying at the con hotel for 4 days I believe, and would love to see and talk to all of you.

    Well, thatís about it for me. Sorry for the bitching, but as I said, this has been the single most difficult time Iíve ever had making a video, so I just had to let it out.

    See you all at AWA (and hopefully, our panel)

  • Man it's been a while since I've written in this thing.... 2004-05-18 01:31:44 Anyways, tomorrow night, myself and Carlos will be off to Jacon! Iím truly excited about the trip, and hope to see everyoneís smiling faces :)
    Beo unfortunately wont be able to attend however, as the dates conflict with his graduation day, but no need to worry ladies, he'll of course be making his appearances at both Akon and AWA this year.

    See all you Jaconers soon!

    And as always, if you guys see me but havent yet met me, PLEASE come say hi! I would love to chat, no matter who you are. 
  • 2003-08-22 00:14:49 Hehe, some of you seem to misunderstand my journal entry.

    This was not to whine, beg, plead, or ask anyone to change. This was my summary of what I feel is going wrong with the AMV community. Like it or not, those are my (and it would seem others as well) feelings towards it.
    I have always made videos for me. Not to please anyone but myself. But people donít make videos for themselves anymore. They make them to try and squeeze into some online pecking order, to be cool, to be popular, and it is this mentality that is making this place crumble to shit.
    Nobody ever said the talented creators have stopped creating because of the mass influx of idiots. They have just left this little island and retreated to their private forums, AIM, email etc.
    I seem to have struck a nerve with some of you, which is good. Anyone that has strong feelings on the subject, whether for or against my point of view, cares enough to hopefully keep this community afloat.

    To the rest of you, my opinions hold fast.  
  • 2003-08-21 22:02:38 Well it seems Im not alone in my last entry.... 
  • A sad state. 2003-08-21 19:06:15 AMV's as an art form are dead. Gone are the days of community, gone are the days learning from each other, but saddest of all, gone are the days when actual editing meant something.
    In its place we now have a flood of mindless drivel, completely self absorbed egotists, and videos that poor in by the second consisting of nothing more than glitz and masking or lumps of nothing featuring a flavor of the month anime/song, with not so much as even an after thought to pacing, continuity, theme, mood or above all any editing whatsoever.

    Day by day more and more 13 year olds flood onto the scene, never contributing, never critiquing, but simply sucking down bandwidth and idolizing any video that happens to have their favorite song.
    A good friend of mine said, "99% of people only watch AMV's simply to watch their favorite anime put to their favorite song". This is profoundly true, but hasn't always been the case.
    Its horrifying how few people even consider anything more than "does it use a character/song I like?", casting away any efforts of any creators that dare go out of bounds and not mask fucking Love Hina onto Narotu or whatever the flavor of the month may be.
    More and more of these videos come in, to where my bar has been set so low that if somebody can hit a simple beat, I go download everything they have ever done simply in hopes of finding some glimmer of hope in this mass of shit.

    AMVs today seem to be trapped in the 80's. Flash and favorites have squarely taken the place of story telling, editing, and emotion.

    Part of this decline is in my opinion due to the Carrot. One of the main things that always kept allot of the morons away was you had to go about figuring out and finding your own hosting, making people really stop to think if all the effort was actually worth it. Now anyone has a golden ticket.
    Part of this also of course is simply the growing popularity of AMVs as a whole. The more people know about it, the greater the % of worthless people find their way here, but it seems to have grown exponentially.

    Oh well, there is no changing it, but I sure as hell can be disgusted about it. I will continue to make AMVs for myself, which is why I started in the first place. I am sad though that I am finding so few new people that actually create, and take pride, and effort in their creations. People who donít think "I know, this will be sure to win a con", people who donít say "I will outdo so and so by making a better version of their video" and people who don't base all things off the amount you post on a forum.

    To all of you who do such things, who have turned this art form into a cheap pop fest, I say, fuck you.

    To all of you who continue to make vids for themselves, who constantly try to better themselves, and who donít view AMVs simply as a popularity contest, please keep on keeping on, even if you feel nobody is watching.
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