JOURNAL: Bulghodah

  • I'm a busy beaver! 2004-09-16 23:18:19 Ok here are my so far potential AMV projects.
    1) submitting a piece of material for AMV Hell movie
    2) submitting a piece for a Mindless AMV Indulgence project
    3) waitin for the info for the previously mentioned Behind Blue Eyes piece
    4) possibly doing a remake of the Eva Opening
    5) possibly doing Saiyuki to LFO's Freak (the good LFO not that "summer Girls" band LFO, Low Frequency Oscillations)
    6) Thought of doing Now and Then Here and There to "Springtime for Hitler"

    to bad this college bullshit is holding me back. 
  • Behind empty eyes 2004-09-11 15:28:27 a friend asked me ealier this week to do an AMV for InuYasha to Limp Bizkit's cover of "Behind Blue eyes". there are a few problems with this.
    1. i don't like Limp Bizkit anymore, hell the only reason i tolerated them was for We Boreland, he was cool because he wasn't.
    2. i HATE inuyasha. lol i said that once in an anime chat room and everyone there was either in shock or pissed off at me. problem is though, i know quite a bit about inuyasha, more than i should know. maybe that's the sign of a true otaku; knowing a lot about anime, including ones you don't like or have ever seen.
    3. since i don't watch it, i don't have any DVDs, and neither does my friend, but she said she was going to get some some way.

    i guess i'm gonna give it a try, i'm thinkin of doing it to Naraku, the bad guy with the monkey mask. i found out earlier that someone did do an Inuyasha AMV to the same song, but it's not that good. no offense. so if she gets the stuff, i'm gonna do it. 
  • my very first entry, i'm so proud 2004-08-21 23:58:50 umm ok so this is my new special candy candy journal. normally i have one at but since i have this one, i shall use it i guess.

    my sister really wants to do an amv of her own with invader zim, so that may or may not be cool.

    i'm werkin on a script for some flashimation thing making fun of anime, or at least making light of everything i hate about it.

    goin back to college in about days, scary scary. the classes start on Wednesday. that's kinda creepy, that for the past few years, school vacations have ALWAYS ended on a tuesday, or classes have started on wednesday.

    so umm yea that's all the crap i have to write for now, maybe i'll write some more, probably not 
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