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  • It's hard to bardle nawdle zouss, . . . 2003-11-09 10:17:55 Lyric from a Weird "Al" Yankovic song.

    I WAS going to update this earlier -- forgot. Currently, the track has been laid for three BWHoH vids (A - Utena, B - decided to go w/ Najica, C - might still be an Eva vid), but so far the only one that has footage set down as well is Utena (still got more to go).

    I finally did receive those Tomoyasu Hotei CDs I had ordered earlier, including the original soundtrack that BWHoH comes from. There are some different variants of the song that MIGHT be used in vids; currently pondering different ones already.

    As if that wasn't all, I've also started to look at another music vid I was working on earlier. The only problem is, the video footage for this is really REALLY old -- and it looks it. It's usable, but it won't look particularly pristine.

    Hopefully I'll get better at these journal entries. Or at least finish vids. 
  • KLAATU, BRAVATA, . . . necktie? nickel? nectar? 2003-10-20 08:54:34 Yes, another quote from "Army of Darkness." Stuck, but at least moving in the right direction.

    At least I've set the groundwork for the project. Sound track (aka the song Battle without Honor or Humanity) laid down for variants A and B (Yes, there WILL be other names for these vids; it's just easier to keep track of them this way). Variant A will DEFINITELY be an Utena vid; B MIGHT be an Eva vid, haven't decided for certain yet.

    Currently waiting a shipment from CDJapan. it should include some Tomoyasu Hotei CDs (that one track from Kill Bill just whetted my appetite), including a concert CD (can you say "LIVE BwHoH?!?"). Am crossing my fingers.
  • Yeah, Right. And maybe I'm a Chinese Jet Pilot! 2003-10-10 10:10:24 In case you're wondering, this was my initial vocal response to an idea I came up with last week. And Yes, I DID see "Army of Darkness" not too long ago.

    The idea, put simply, is to take a single song, and do a number of different videos to it. Considering the fact that I've done very VERY FEW videos since I started years ago, I'm a little nervous about doing such a feat. However, I'm very interested in trying to put together a number of vids at a go, just to see if I CAN do it.

    Okay now, the song. The musical artist is Tomoyasu Hotei, a guitarist who I had never heard of until earlier this week (so far, I've only got one song of his, and already I'm trying to get more of his works). The title of the song is "Battle without Honor or Humanity." The song is taken off of the soundtrack album for "Kill Bill Vol. 1." (FYI, it's the song from the teaser -- the totally BAD-ASS instrumental).

    Anime? Well, for now, each of the vids will be single anime; no various at this time. Possibles include Utena, X, Eva, Goldenboy, CCS, Noir, . . . and that's just the short list. The plan is to spend a few months starting (and finishing) vids, and then a few more months wrapping up unfinished ones.

    Okay, I'll stop now. 
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