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  • Layer 0008 2006-12-22 18:15:59

    Death Note + Dethklok = Metal

    Enough said ^.^ 
  • Layer 0007 2006-12-16 03:20:46 I have a new anime-love and it's name is: DEATH NOTE.
    The weird thing is that the detective aspect of the show is what drives me to keep watching it. Guess it's all the L&O: Criminal Intent and Monk I watch weekly lol.

    Got compelled to watch it tonight since I'm on Winter Break and a friend wanted me to do an AMV to it. After watching it I'm defenately using "Murdertrain A' Comin'" by Dethklok as the song. And I have the general layout in my head but for either the drum-peddle or guitar synch I need a really fast edit style and I'm drawing a blank. So if you've ever edited a metal song before(or one wih a reallyreally fast beat) and you have advice I'd gladly take it: DeviantAria on AIM.
    "This AMV will be the most brutal thing ever. Blacker than the blackest black TIMES INFINITY!!!!"

    Also reading through my buddy journal I hafta say it's pretty [censored] up that Hinatasan has been getting picked on by people ever since this whole her and Michele break-up thing. Where's the Fellow-AMV-maker love gone, it's December! >.<

    AMV wise:
    "More Mutant Than Human" by Tsukin
    This is the most [censored] up AMV I have ever seen!!!!! And I love every minute of it, as it is now number 4 on my Favorite AMVs. I'm defenately recommending this for Best Horror.

    "Panty Raid II" by JudgeHolden
    In my opinion this is one of the best technical AMVs made this year. The only thing I think that's holding it back is the visual quality(which I'd give an 8 or so). If he converted it to MP4 this AMV would be an unstoppable juggernaught on par with Shounen Bishidou.
    The only downside is that he took all that great creative prowess and threw it into an AMV about half-naked women and panties >.<.

    Lastly I'm kinda relieved JubJub liked at least one of the entries I made for her Valentine's MEP. I had one very vague idea to use with Steamboy and I'm not even sure how that was going to pan out lol. 
  • Layer 0006 2006-11-21 18:36:48 Finished one of the two ideas I had for a Valentine's AMV. One of the comments I got as feedback was: "Yeah it has a romantic undertone to it but wow, you really like your dark AMVs don't you" X.X I don't wanna be a one trick pony! So for the second piece I'm DEFENATELY making sure that it is the most uplifting thing I've ever made ever!

    Watched Holden's Panty Raid II beta yesterday and gave him feedback and he bounced some ideas to me on how to finish my Casualties of War AMV.

    Downloaded one fairly good Pokemon AMV from announcements today and one reallyreally terrible one. It's been a long time since I've seen a bad AMV but short duration + random scenes = blah!

    Currently looking for another MEP to join but most of them are always on like page 7+ by the time I see them. The thought of making a "Worlds Collide II" but with numerous AMV creators sprang to mind, but knowing my life the second I organize it another crisis will happen so I'll keep that on hold for now.

    Things to do tonight:
    Finish watching Nana and possibly rip scenes for it for next AMV
    - If not: Start ripping scenes from FMP: Fuffomu!

    Find a good dessert to bring to parents for Thanksgiving

    Watch Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series on YouTube <3 <3

    Write down that I need to do a requested Death Note AMV, done!
  • Layer 0005 2006-11-10 02:50:48 Been watching AMVs all day, and I'm almost starting to regret the personal goal I made for myself of trying to make Opinions for EVERY AMV I download starting back in October.

    Knowname read my last entry and sent me a nice PM with a list recommendations of AMVs that were made from Karas, Mai Hime & Full Metal Panic!

    Of that entire lot I have to say I was really blown away by Pwolf's "This Time" I think I'm starting to become a fangirl of his stuff @.@. Great Full Metal Panic! AMV, great AMV making in general.
    [[ ]]

    Jaddziadax kinda surprised me with her "In the glass" AMV as it was pretty dark and brutal. : After looking over her projects I noticed she has made an AMV to "Never Alone" by the Barlow Girls. That along with the similarities I noticed in her Cossette AMV to the ones I had for my Vermillion AMV, I'm starting to think that on some we think alike with AMV concepts or I've gone crazy.... *Scared*.
    [[ ]]

    Bakadeshi's "Mai Reason" is one of those AMVs where I completely hate the song but it goes so well with the AMV and the story is laid out to help give you an emotional attachment that you can't stop watching it. But you totally hate the song and keep asking yourself "Why am I listening to this!" Fatal addition >.<
    [[ ]]

    I gotta say I --loved-- how Knowname ended his PM though:

    "Wish I could help you out more! But all the shows you watch are SOOOO girly -_-... I'd not seen some of them."

    I was laughing all night from that, thanks Knowname <3.

    Has a few on his list that weren't on Knowname's so I'm downloading those tonight. Oddly enough one that he suggest to me was:

    Video: When Worlds Collide
    Anime: My HiME
    Song: Ichirin No Hana
    Artist: High and Mighty Color
    Creator: jubjub2 and others <-----
    Studio: None listed

    So after reading that I got a BIG grin on my face and went into another laughing fit cause that's the Mai HiME project me and Jubblies, just us two, worked on. But I'm glad someone liked it enough to suggest it to me.

    Finally I ended the night watching my "Casualties of War" AMV that has been sitting on my harddrive unfinished, it's one year anniversary was today, hurray! I kinda almost want to just send it off to someone and be like "you're a genious at AMVs, finish this!" cause there's only a minute left of editing and I will bold enough to say it's my best work but I can't find think of anyway to finish it off.
  • Layer 0004 2006-11-07 03:10:01 Anime That Need Good AMVs Made After Them
    (Or Need More Good AMVs)

    Ergo Proxy
    Full Metal Panic: Fuffomu
    Innocent Venus
    Jubei-chan 2 ~ The Revenge of Siberia Yagyuu
    Jigoku Shoujo
    Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
    Mai Hime
    Mai Otome
    Ouran Host Club

    So if any of these have an excellent AMV that has already been made, please let me know. Otherwise, *claps hands together* let's shorten that listen people! XD 
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