JOURNAL: MomochiZabuza (Walter Hutchinson)

  • Birthday and New Video 2005-04-03 00:59:54 My newest video is out now. It is a Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust AMV to the song Disarm. It is my first non-action oriented AMV and I think its actually pretty good.

    On another note, today is my birthday YAY! So I'mhappy. 
  • 1 YEAR 2005-04-02 01:58:06 W00t I've been here for 1 year was entered a day late because I was on vacation and forgot to do this until now because I'm very crazy. Ummmm yeah thats all I really wanted to say and I joined on April strange 
  • New video-to-be 2005-03-19 13:37:13 I have completed the beta to my newest video! wooohooo! I need suggestions/opinions on this thing before I do anything with it. If anyone would care to beta this video I would be happy to send it to you. Just talk to me on AIM, but I expect a little more than "good job" :P 
  • New vid!!!! AGAIN!!!! 2005-03-04 18:40:28 So, it's that time of the month again... no not THAT time, the time where you see another of my AMVs!!

    Yeah i'm pretty late on this but whatever...naruto-ness-ocity with lots of zabuza and haku action (not that kind you sicko :P)

    good stuff! 
  • AMV w00t 2005-02-08 19:22:46 This is a little late, new vid o' mine for Evangelion...good stuff (maybe) i love all the vids i make so...

    anyway more to come :) 
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