JOURNAL: Revenance (Chase Smith)

  • 2013-05-07 03:32:50 Recently I've been wanting to watch some anime so I pull up Netflix and finish Demon King Diamou pretty fast. At first I was thinking, "Yeh, this is exactly what I wanted." After finishing it I wanted to watch something else so I've been watching several different series and really feel better about watching some of these. Currently I'm really enjoying Attack on Titan and Hunter X Hunter.

    Take some time out of your life to enjoy the little things. Whatever they may be. =) 
  • Vacation 2013-03-23 12:21:23 I'm in vacation in San Diego with my gorgeous girlfriend. She used to live her so we're staying with her mom who was gracious enough to accept us for the next 9 days. So far it's been really good although she's had a few work meetings and next week she has even more.

    In some ways it's been frustrating because it seems like we've spent less time together then ever before. I can't help but think I should make the most of my time here though. I really want to go to the Burch Aquarium in Lahoya and go to the beach. I'm not sure what else I should do here but I'm glad to have some time off.

    Otherwise I've been playing Mass Effect 1 in my hotel room. Not a bad way to spend a day but I really want to get out. If you have any suggestions let me know.

    Make the most of your day! 
  • Underrated videos. Romantic AMVs. 430 AM 2013-02-28 06:33:48 I've been watching some pretty cool AMVs recently. But I've been digging around most in the underrated section. You find the occasional rare gem amongst them, the only downside is that usually you dont get a reply after submitting the OP (which is my favorite part about doing the opinion).

    I still pick and choose what to watch amongst them but if you're looking for a new video and nothing quite strikes your fancy give them a try!

    Lastly, what is up with all these romantic AMVs? I try so hard to keep an open mind but I just don't find them entertaining. I can't help but feel people make these and then either grow out of them or dont do them again until the next "generation" rotates in. If anyone has a truly awesome romantic video, shoot me a message so I can watch it before i decide to never watch one again.

    430 AM, time to go to work. 
  • Bitter taste in my mouth.. 2013-02-25 03:59:49 When you give forth dedication every day for months and see something you feel in your heart of hearts should be yours and it goes to someone else, is quite a hard pill to swallow. I feel betrayed in truth.

    Ultimately I can't do anything but wait for this "might" to come along. I'm not usually a petty person and I NEED to let this go, but this is gonna be a true challenge for me.

    Sometimes it's all we can do but keep our inner demons at bay.

    Courage - Patience - Conviction 
  • Valentine's Day & Tori 2013-02-13 00:36:55 My girlfriend Tori asked me what I wanted the other day for Valentine's Day. I was pretty shocked as girls in the past never got me anything except for a toss in the sheets. Seriously I had to think about what I wanted.

    Was trying to figure out what to get her and was gonna go with her favorite flowers. She told me a week or so ago that she didnt want them and while they are nice gesture, they die out and can only be enjoyed for a few days before they begin to whither. I think in the future I'll get her flowers but because I opted for something different and a bit more expensive she'll have to forgo it this year.

    I ended up getting her a white gold locket with an engraving on the front. The locket also came with option to get a picture lasered in great detail inside. So on one side there's a picture of her and the other a picture of me.

    My only regret is that it wont arrive for Valentine's Day. I'm thinking it wont arrive until Saturday or so. I sent her a card with my normal, cheesy sentiment for her. I like the serious sort of cards that tell her I'm thinking about her and that she still drives me wild.

    I'm sure it will all go well. Good luck on your respective Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day. 
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