JOURNAL: Stryyder (John )

  • In a world without Stryyder, only one man could calm the storm....Stryyder! 2006-11-22 11:17:17 Yeah, so it seems I'm doing my journal entries in 4 month increments now, lol. Just too much work to be done sadly. Haven't even gotten a full vid done since my rebel one. Had a few starts but overall scrapped because of lack of interest. Rina will be happy to know that one of those scrapped projects was an FMA Hoobastank vid (Same song as hers, she saw the beta but scrapped because it wasn't living up to its potential).

    Got a project in the works now, figured I'd try out Within Temptation before it hits the "Most used Artists" list. This one I'm actually into. Just 2 more choruses and final editing to go....That is if I can stop play my new Wii long enough to finish it, lol.

    Anyways, waves and hellos to Rina, Katie, Judge, and Jubē (should they remember me, lol) and to anyone else who may or may not remember me. 
  • Oh you thought there was no more Stryyder but now there's....STRYYDER! 2006-07-09 11:23:08 Wow, looks like I'm back, lol. Yeah, work and getting ready for animeexpo has been keeping me busy and away from my editing software. But with Con behind me, sadly, it looks like it's on to bigger things.

    I entered my "Rebel" video into the contest but to no avail. However, my fiance Rider4Z had 2 of her videos make it in, Fight for Life and Life of a Dog (Search for Rider4Z to check them out). Fight for life was pretty much in a dead heat for best of action with CastorTroy's Narutoball Z but unfortunately fell behind by about 70 votes. It was a fun time though.

    New project time! I've got 3 vids I want to finish before Expo next year and since I have to wait to get Negima and BGC: Tokyo 2040 before I start 2 of them it looks like the third is my new project. More on that as it developes. 
  • hoohah 2006-03-24 17:00:26 If NMEisMIA is reading this he needs to stop being so emo.

    Yeah, I got tired of that whole "if you're reading this you're gay" thing and this is my answer ^_^

    Anyways, looks like my JJMEP entry is DOA. I'll make sure to get in a bit earlier on the next one so I have more time to debug my work.

    Jubē - thanks for your help on all the miyazaki stuff, even though I had to scrap it I appreciate you taking the time to lend a hand.

    So let's see, need a new project to work on. That and new job starting monday. Ooo and more choir on monday ::joy:: I am GETTING that Little shop of horrors solo even if it means bribing the director! wait I don't have any money to bribe the judge. Curses! DAMN YOU SALAZAR! 
  • DVD companies getting wise 2006-03-23 18:42:31 well, it looks like even the mighty "DVD Decryptor" is starting to be circumvented. The new releases of Howl's Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro have security devices within them that prevent them from being loaded into decryptor. That sux. 
  • Nothing works anymore 2006-03-23 17:27:00 Ok, I've been having problem after problem lately and it's really nothing wrong with the computer it's just my own brain not connecting right. This question goes out to anyone who has used Miyazaki footage (preferrably Laputa as that is what I'm working with) from the us DVD (not downloaded, or pirated). What method did you use to get rid of the interlacing? DGindex tells me it's progressive footage but my eyes tell me otherwise. However all different types of deinterlacing I've used have gotten rid of the interlacing but now the footage is jerky within premier and it's starting to piss me off. 
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