JOURNAL: EvaFan (Josh Ludwick)

  • In response to... 2012-07-14 08:12:40 I don't believe I've ever taken the time to appreciate the people who have left me QC's so thanks for that, especially the most recent ones whether good or bad. If by chance you come along and read this thanks.

    Know its aspost to be anonymous but I'm pretty strong on equality so again if your reading this, dont hesitate to leave your org name so I can return the QC or opinion even if it was some strong critique. I just want to return the favor of actually watching my vid and commenting by doing the same. This is part of the reason I rarely use the announcement forum anymore and am less active. I blame the way the anouncement forum works but hey, what can I do. Anyway thanks and leave your org name if you want the favor returned. 

  • 2012-02-29 16:27:54 Tornado sirens go blairing an hour and 30 minutes before my class starts... I try to go back to sleep... cant... gtfup go shower and spend the rest of the time annoyed waiting till its time to go to class. More siren blairing cause of tornado watch warning.

    To fully understand how annoying this town is when it comes to weather... They like to blair the sirens to alert people that bad weather is coming, and then again for any and all warnings whether it be a flash flood or whatever. I guess they haven't heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. I just hope on the day there really is a tornado heading our way ppl will end up taking it seriously.

    Go to class, its canceled due to bad weather. Go home, try to sleep again, cant...

    Today has to be monday cause it sure feels like one. 
  • Is not so bad. In before it gets worse due to jinx. 2011-11-08 16:03:15 Riding my motorcycle in november in kentucky is a total WTF for me. I figured kentucky would be like kansas and be really cold by now and possibly have snow. Maybe this is just a good year or something...

    Then again those dumbocrats might be on to something with global warming. ⌐_⌐ 
  • Also... 2011-10-24 19:01:01 I WANNA GO TO THIS BLOCK PARTY ON HALLOWEEN: 
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