JOURNAL: taigafaeri

  • I made you a promise. I am keeping it. 2016-02-28 20:00:57 I just wanted to say that the promise I made years ago to the many good friends I found here, to keep doing my best so that everyone's support wouldn't be wasted, I have been doing just that. I'll always keep striving to stay the giggling and smiling positive girl I am at my core. I miss everyone. I am eternally grateful for all the little ways you supported me through the first major trial of my life.
    I find myself glad now that my request to delete my account was ignored. I could not predict needing these records to strengthen me a second time later on. Who knows? Maybe as strength continues to return and develop anew, I'll find a way to embrace my amv hobby again. It is an integral part of who I am after all. I'll even admit to buying a song and some anime with intent to try. Time will tell - we just wish she'd speak sooner.  
  • no wait... 2008-11-19 22:51:32 happiness is having someone made of awesome spoil you because they want to...
  • happiness is a bowl of macaroni and cheese... with more cheese on top... 2008-11-18 20:58:55 *nodnod* 
  • hmm... 2008-11-16 21:31:50 but what about purple aardvarks Jubbers?

    purple aardvarks are amazing... and can do amazing things... according to songs sung at 5am... >.>

    in other news... I played WOW yesterday... till 3am... I totally did not see that happening in my life... hooray for bedridden and nothing better to do... what's worse... I "Liked" the game... ><! oh man... and now I'm even considering buying it! aaaaaaah! Guys... the things I'll try for them... ugh... It's all his fault. >< dang... why'd that have to be so much fun? I'm a nerd! nooooo! oh wait... that's not new... ok nevermind.

  • *is one of the chibis that'll cry* 2008-11-15 17:03:11 oh I hope the servers get fixed all better soon... I thought it was me being stupid and that's why I couldn't get things working... that's good to know I'm not that dumb... well... I'm an idiot right now.. heheh... being sick is a trip... way too much childrens motrin and tylenol in my veins now... heehee... but yay for smart people fixing things and working hard! Bethy loves you!  
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