JOURNAL: SpLiF_3d (Randy Calderon)

  • commitments 2005-02-12 03:22:21 i have just decided to commit to 2 things when i comes to AMVs.

    Commitment #1
    When an idea is sparked in my head, I will immediately report to to write it down in my journal. i have had a ton of ideas come and go thru my spaced out head. This way, when I stop procrastinating and want to edit, now i can remember what the original idea was.

    Commitment #2
    When an opinion is left for one of my vids, I will respond with the utmost gratitude because I know that there are tons of vids and ppl who don't get a second look, let alone an opinion. So I will be grateful and respectful even if i get flamed. 
  • reasearch + new agenda 2004-10-26 23:09:51 i spent the better part of 3 hours going from store to store searching for anime prices, specials, and availability of anime. this is what i have come up with:

    Suncoast: average price of $29.99, replay card special in which points add up to money back gift certificates, biggest anime selection in my area, most stuff in stock, friendly people

    Hastings: average price of $19.99 and below if used or never heard of titles, no special deals, titles are scarce and sometimes looking for specifics is down right impossible, they do rent out anime *big plus* , special order proved to be unreliable (i ordered FLCL about 2 months ago...still not arrived, whereas Suncoast has had them on stock for a good while), nice people when around

    BestBuy: average price of $19.99 + depending on popularity of title, the selection was decent but not great, don't know if they special order, same location of hardware/software for computer artists which is a pro, they have a card program but i didn't get details, people not too into anime cuz the store include so much other stuff

    So...what i have done is to rely on Suncoast for availability and ordering for anime that i cannot find else where. this way, i buy cheap from hastings or best buy and if i can't find what i'm looking for, then i will go to Suncoast, and since i signed up for the Replay Card, i get points for money back options. So, it all works out in the end. 
  • been a while... 2004-10-10 00:05:08 man, i haven't wrote in the journal for a's been two amvs later and i am now contemplating my next idea....probably another failure but i'm gonna do it to learn and to have fun....

    Idea: it's an sr-71 song to princess mononoke

    i wanna use basic timing, some fading and maybe b&w, but more-so i want the video to actually go with the song...

    cuz the song's chorus is " i'm a broken handed superman" and ashitaka has a curse on his arm....whew can't get simpler than that :p

    well, i wanna do this cuz it's been in my head for about 2 months now
    hopefully it will be good 
  • Moving Out! 2004-07-06 14:15:53 Well, I am finally makin' that transition from one woman (mom) to another (girlfriend). I will be moving in with my g/f of two years this week. I hope that everything stays cool between us now that we'll be together all the time. I hope she can cope with me and my computer. hehe, I speak as if we are joined at the hip. Well, I mean that I am always on it and I know she'll get mad if I don't show her enough attention. We shall just see how it goes. 
  • Completed 1st AMV 2004-04-22 12:52:48 Man I am so excited that something that I created is going to be put on the web and shared with people. It feels wierd to have a place on the internet that is so vast. 
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