JOURNAL: DiemondDagger

  • 2002-08-23 22:40:42 Who gave everything a name and who gave the word name...the word name!?!?!?!?!
    Who mad up the alphabet? Why are there less words that start with Z then there are with S?
    Why are guys with bigger dicks sexier then guys with little dicks, when all the nerve endings in a woman are at the front of the vagina and not at the back?
    Why is it day when its sunny and night when its dark?
    Why is the bible so holy, if it wasn't written by god?
    How do we know that, that is what he wants and not what the peoplle who wrote the bible wanted?
    Why are doggy years so much more confusing? I mean why not just calculate it in our years and they only have a lifespan of 1-20 at most 30?
    How did the man on the moon get up there?
    Why is Santa pulled by Reindeer and not horses?
    Who was the idiot that created currency and made it so important?
    If women call the guy that made heels an idiot, why do they still wear heels?
    Who said that we had to wear clothes, when in actuality clothes were only created to product us from the elements?
    Who was the first person to speak English and how did he speak it? Did he just walk around giving things names?
    Who gave colours their apropriate names? (For all we know the grass could be purple and the sky yellow.)
    How do we know that Straight People are 'normal' when there is ancient art of homosexual relationships?
    If Adam and Eve came first then that means that their children had to have sex with eachother to produce more people. So really everyone is related to one another. If thats true, why do we all have different last names?
    Why do nuns and preists have to be celebate? If the nuns are married to god and the preist is married to the is that fair?
    I mean if a person can be married to a religious spiritual.....thing and a person can be married to a religious building, then why is it so outragous if two individuals want to marry of the same sex? 
  • Kiki 2002-07-15 01:20:48 New Kiki's Delivery Service Picture in Profile. I LOVE Ghilbi! 
  • >_< WHAT THE HELL 2002-06-28 22:50:00 What the hell is a site skin!!! >_< 
  • Oh my 2002-06-06 12:05:05 E K: Wow. That is an amazing tradition! I'd like to get married every year..of course I don't about be tattod head to foot but meh married would be nice ^_^ 
  • Cool... 2002-05-27 17:09:26 My video Emotions of Anime just broke the 500 mark on video downloads.
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