JOURNAL: DaCoolGohan (Brendan Jeffrey)

  • Old Dreams 2007-08-23 23:34:06 DaCoolGohan: I had a dream once where I was in paris with keenan and kel and sean corey and eric
    DaCoolGohan: and we were filming
    unlimit3drice: haha nice
    DaCoolGohan: us trying to get bit by dogs
    DaCoolGohan: and we had cases of gatorade in our truck
    DaCoolGohan: that we were going around to hockey rinks
    DaCoolGohan: and what not
    DaCoolGohan: and back yards
    DaCoolGohan: and then
    DaCoolGohan: we went to this limo
    DaCoolGohan: that was like a layer
    DaCoolGohan: like 5 stories
    DaCoolGohan: of inside a limo
    DaCoolGohan: where we had
    DaCoolGohan: koolio
    DaCoolGohan: and the keenan and kel anthem
    DaCoolGohan: with a disco ball
    DaCoolGohan: and danced in that
    DaCoolGohan: and moved around
    DaCoolGohan: like flying
    unlimit3drice: lol
    DaCoolGohan: that was when I was on those drugs
    DaCoolGohan: at the hospital
    DaCoolGohan: and I had like
    DaCoolGohan: 5 other ones I remember
    DaCoolGohan: but are harder to explain
    DaCoolGohan: it was weird as fuck cause
    DaCoolGohan: I tried to force my eyes open
    DaCoolGohan: and out of if
    DaCoolGohan: it
    DaCoolGohan: and I couldnt
    DaCoolGohan: and kept fighting deaht I guess
    unlimit3drice: hehe
    DaCoolGohan: like i heard voices
    DaCoolGohan: wehre it said
    DaCoolGohan: ur going to die
    DaCoolGohan: etc.
    DaCoolGohan: and i was like
    DaCoolGohan: no im not 
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