JOURNAL: Kwasek (Brett Buchan)

  • AWA Rocks! 2002-09-30 12:10:39 SAy Grayplague's post about I-75...that was the worst part of this weekend. 2 and a half hours of stand still traffic because of a <southern accent> wreck </southern accent> I feel your pain...I was almost that guy getting out of the car to take a piss on the side of the road.

    Other than that the Weekend was great. Met too many people, and partied only half as much as everyone else.

    Jeebus I'm not even gonna name everyone I met, you can just read others posts and see if they name us.

  • Sweet Jesus! 2002-06-21 11:08:20 EK wrote: And of all the entries I've made so far, the one that took me 30 seconds is the best:

    Kwasek, you'll like this one, I think.

    That is awsome! I wanna try, guess I should find out what's going on. 
  • mmmmm.... Elise cake.... 2002-06-16 21:30:10 Almost ready to purchase my new computer, I can't wait to get this baby. 2ghz dual processor 1gig of ram and 2 raided 80 gig (possibly 120) harddrives. so much more research to do though. Soon I will be a Maya freak.

    I should put up my Cucucmber Remastered Remix version 2.002 Revisited On my server since The # of hits on it have reduced. It's fun leaving your cpu on day and night just so people can dl videos at the speed of a 56k modem. Letely though connection speeds have been higher, which is great.

    Well I hope to get this new computer soon. I have a ton of ideas and little time. 
  • 4 days till Jacon 2002-05-27 12:14:31 Geez Quu, I hope Jacon will be a walk in a park for you since it's all digital. I told Ken if you guys ever need a break or want some grub just tap me on the shoulder.

    I've started work on what I have decided to code name "The Cucumber Studios Surprise" in honor of their one year anniversary. Since their anniversary is Jacon itself I will be showing it during our hour at Jacon, if I finish it in time :P 
  • 8 days till Jacon 2002-05-23 13:59:30 Kinda funny thing. Last year I went to Jacon with my friend Bebe. She was going to go this year, but she booked a vacation which I just dropped her off at the airport and won't be back till sunday. She happens to be staying at a friend of ours, Linus, house. Linus happens to be driving all the way down here for Jacon and he's leaving he keys to the house with Bebe. We've only meet Linus once before at AWA. When Bebe leaves Linus's house on Sunday she'll fly back to O-town and meet up with Linus to give back the keys to house. It's just amazing how things work out sometimes. And even more so, It's amazing that people can be friendly enough to let others stay at your home for a few days by themselves having only met once before. If all people were this friendly and trust worthy, I'd be a happy man, and I suppose the world would be a better place too. Ohh, my dear cliches 
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