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  • Retirement from AMVs 2006-09-23 23:31:51 I finally uploaded the video I completed for AWA Pro 2006. I put a lot of work into it, so I'm glad it won an award (Best Character Profile).

    I'm also announcing my retirement from making AMVs... I've been getting sick of editing for a while now, so I planned on making one last video that I'd try really hard on and then that's it. I'm personally pretty proud of the way the video turned out, so I think it's a good one to end on.

    As much as I still like watching AMVs, and even though I still get a lot of ideas that I want to see completed, it's just not worth the stress of spending hours and hours to see the final results. I want to keep improving with my videos, so I'm constantly trying to improve myself and my editing style with each video, and it can get really stressful and annoying to play through a video I'm working on, thinking over and over, "how can I make this better? Should it look like this, or would that be better? Should I sync to this sound like this or not?". It's kind of stopped being worth it, especially because I'd rather focus a lot on my school and other things in life.

    But on the other hand, I don't think it's worth it to stop nitpicking my vids and just make a mediocre video that doesn't push my creative side, either. I'd rather just watch other people's videos (especially since AMVs on this site seem to be getting better and better lately). And even making short projects isn't fun for me anymore.

    Well, I guess five years of editing AMVs and 30 videos is enough to contribute to this hobby. I definitely don't want to do this forever, and I started wanting to stop a couple of years ago already. So I guess it's time to make it official.

    I'll still be hanging around the site quite a bit, downloading videos and reading opinons and the forum, and writing reviews and such. I also want to thank all the people who gave me opinions and left me comments or e-mails... you guys are really what made me keep on editing for so long. Because even though I get sick of my own videos a lot of the time, knowing that other people get entertainment out of them makes all the time I spent worth it. 
  • I'm so relieved... 2005-07-27 21:57:10 I got my AWA Pro vid done in time for the deadline (just barely), so now I can finally breathe again. :) Unfortunately I won't be releasing it until the end of September when AWA is over, though.

    I don't think I'll be back in an editing mood for a while... I'll probably start up again with my next video in September some time. Until then, I'm looking forward to taking part in the Pro contest, and I'm looking forward to going to Vancouver to visit Sierra and then we can go to our first AMV contest at Anime Evolution. ^_~

    My next video probably won't get done until next year, since I usually don't get much editing done during the first semeseter of school. It's probably going to be my entry for next year's Otakon and Anime Evolution contests. Oh, and it's going to be another drama vid, by the way. ;) 
  • Mad Editing Spree 2005-07-04 01:22:28 So. The deadline for AWA Pro is July 25. I only started editing my video a week ago. Yeah... there's lots of editing ahead of me. Whenever I'm not working, I'll be editing my project. It's an action video for once instead of drama, even though I thought I wasn't going to be doing any more action videos anytime soon. I like my vid so far, which is good.

    It's weird not having Sierra Lorna at the house anymore. I have to talk to her on Skype to get her to tell me what I need to fix on my video. >_< It sounds like she's getting lots of editing done in Vancouver, though.

    Side note: it's my and Sierra's 18th birthdays today, w00t! 
  • Some updates 2005-03-10 23:35:34 I finished my Ayu-Mix segment about a week ago, and I think I like it. :) The song for the Ayumi Hamasaki project is a good one, and there's quite a few talented editors working on it, so I'm hoping this is going to be an awesome project when it's all done.

    I also started working on my Naruto vid. I've spent almost 30 hours on it already, and I'm maybe 10% done. I was planning on submitting this vid to Otakon, but that's looking a little unlikely now. I'm probably going to end up spending over 250 hours on this vid, and getting it done by the May 19 deadline is something I just don't know if I can do. I don't want to rush this video. I'll probably just forget about Otakon and send it to Anime Evolution and AWA Expo.  
  • I'll be releasing a new vid soon 2005-02-08 01:28:44 I did end up starting another video a month and a half ago, so my AWA vid is being put on hold for a while. I've done a surprising amount of editing on my new vid over the last couple of days. I thought I would end up taking at least another couple of weeks to finish it, but now it's almost done. It should be out sometime this week. ^_~ It's a fun Fushigi Yugi vid... I didn't do anything crazy in it, but I like it so far. After I'm done my Fushigi Yugi vid, I'll get started on my segment for the Ayu-mix Project. That should be fun. :)

    I just finished watching Naruto a few days ago, and I have to say I really liked it. I ended up liking it way more than I thought I would, so as much as I told myself I never would... I think I'm going to make a Naruto video. Mwahahaha!

    ... I have lots of editing to do if I want to get my AWA vid done on time.
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