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  • "love in my eyes, lust in my heart. i made it all up." 2003-08-15 00:52:59 i haven't made an update since forever but ya, i'm kinda updating my computer right now. got a few parts in the mail:

    * cheapo soundblaster speakers
    * antec 480w trueblue power supply

    when i get more stuff in i'll let you know.

    i wanna make a video with this song called "the weak and the wounded" by silverstein and possibly with saishuuheiki kanojo. not sure how fast i can buy those damn dvds off of cdjapan but we'll see what happens.

    i wasn't infected by the worm but for some reason my compaq crap computer has been crashing with svchost.exe errors. damn win2k wouldn't let me burn anything so backing up all my favorites, amvs, divx eps, etc, wasn't possible. stupid thing. hopefully the new comp will rule all.

    [the weak and the wounded // silverstein] 
  • "baby when i heard you for the first time i knew we were meant to be as one." 2002-06-26 09:22:53 today wasn't really fun but i stayed home and kinda thought about maya. i played a little guitar too and watched some tv. i was supposed to go to annie's grad party but everyone knows why i couldn't drive there. i also formatted my computer and re-installed windows 98 since my computer was slowing down like a mother. i have to build a new computer when i have enough extra money. for now i have to pay for my car.

    i headed off to work and had an okay time. there's a new worker with us. a girl sort of around my age i think, i can't remember her name. it's kinda funny how all my co-workers are oogling her over and constantly checking her out and they're like, "she's bad isn't she?" and i'm just all, "hmmm... i guess she's an attractive young woman?" i just couldn't really see what they saw in her. she wasn't no princess like maya, that's for sure.

    after work i went out with my mom and we talked for a while. it was kinda cool. mom and roy bonding time.

    i also was supposed to hang with brandon, kevin, tye, etc. but they didn't come pick me up which kinda hurt me alot. brandon told me something the other day, "you don't hang with us anymore." i guess i don't but it's really hard to do that when you have no ride and your friends have to pick you up but they're too lazy to come down, then they say something like, "you don't hang with us anymore?" i mean... that's kinda unfair. i really do want to hang out with my friends. they've been my best friends for the longest time and i don't wanna hang out with them just cause maya isn't here. i mean i brought maya along to hang with us many times. i always wanna be with my friends and i also want to be with maya. it doesn't help that the one i've known the most, brandon, who i grew up with since like 3rd grade, is leaving to the mainland and i don't know if i'll ever see him again. you know... i WANT to be with the people i care about but it's kinda hard cause i can't see them but yet i get accused of not being there. i'm being stupid emo today again i guess.

    i really miss maya cause i know she'll listen to me and comfort me. maya, i love you. come back to me soon.

    "love at first sight" by kylie minogue 
  • in my head everything was perfect and every note results in harmony... 2002-06-13 16:53:05 damn it's been a while since i've written in here. well let's see... girlfriend went to japan for 3 weeks. i blew my transmission while racing going 120 mph. i'm eating steak for breakfast. i quit another idea for a video... and i don't know what i'm gonna do for the rest of the summer. i'm thinking about making a new video; hopefully i can think of something soon.

    \ "t&c" by thrice 
  • i'm afraid that you'll become everything that you have hated, i've waited, for this to go away. 2002-02-21 12:34:25 Started on my new video, which wont be released until after AX 2002(4th of July) but will be released with like 3 other videos by then so it's gonna be a bunch of good stuff at 1 time. It's kinda hard to do it since I have to make it stand out for competition without doing something that's not my style. Hopefully I can finish this by the end of this weekend. I have to make sure I work out all the little quirks by then. It's also coming out weird, it's using an action anime and I'm not using any action scenes. Well actually there's 1 scene, but it wasn't a fight scene. Odd though, since ALL of my videos til now have been action oriented or fast paced and this song I'm using isn't any different than the style I've used before, I'm just editing the video differently. Weird stuff. :P 
  • 2002-02-20 02:22:55 I have to give it to him, Carlos, you are the man. You have my respect at being the better of us 2 in the best horror video. I really wanna see the voting numbers though. I'd like to see how much I lost to you by. :P I wonder if it's 1 vote so maybe karma was the one that kicked my ass. ;) Now we're tied though, since I got the win at AWA7.

    Congrats to all the winners though just for your information, all the winners, to my suprise, were NOT people or videos that I voted for. I guess my taste is really odd. Anyways, I'm out and good luck to everyone for next year. Get those entries for AX2002 and AWA8 ready cause I'm starting on mine and I'm readying those for battle. ;) 
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