JOURNAL: x_rex30 (Ryan Noah)

  • ... 2010-05-26 05:24:17 "Aww thank soo much for your opinion!! I am soo glad you enjoyed my AMV so much! Your opinion made me smile. ^__________^ It made me really happy, its a much needed feeling for me right now. ^-^ You made my day. ^_^"

    When you get feedback like that, it's nice to know you made someones day without even trying. People don't know how easy it is for another to make their day.

    Most of my videos on this site I only spent less than half a day on. So consider that before leaving a review. Be honest, know I spent little time on the videos you are seeing.. so the timing isn't as great as you seem to think. Then again this post is to make fun of the fact that I find a lot of videos that people spent more than a month on are IMO worse than some of the videos I spent half a day on.

    I think some videos lack character because they are trying to be too perfect. Also some are just too literal. Others feel forced.. it's hard to have a video just right. If I spent more time on my videos mine would probably be the same way. Mine I think just look lazy. There are a lot of reasons why I just give up on the video if it doesn't look great in a short time. Maybe because then the editing gets boring if the ideas slow down. About 4 hours editing is just about right. After that, it just gets boring because the ideas are not flowing as fast. So I finish it up and hope people like it. If I wanted to make a really good video that tops my videos I spent no time on, I would be working on it for months. Also have fear of working hard on the video and my computer decides to stop working. That would suck.

    Favorite Editor: Nostromo. He's like a Hermit that goes out of hiding to show a video, then goes back into hiding after sharing his creation. He doesn't put a hundred beta tester names at the end of his videos like some people. Got to respect the silent killer.

    In my mind(logical or not), I'm a suppressed Nostromo. I kinda don't care who that offends. In general, I learned the power of suppression. The visuals in my mind at a point in my life was like trying to make out a porn channel that doesn't quite come in clear. It was part of me being pissed off with things that were taking place at the time. When it wasn't that way.. my mind would naturally add visuals to audio that I heard. I've been wanting to make a video like the recent Nostromo videos since I started editing. I'm very impatient and if I wanted to make a video like his.. it would take over a month. I have only once been able to work on a amv past a week. That is my land of confusion video. I just had to make it because that idea was stuck in my head for so long and I'm glad I finally grown some patients and actually showed some effort on my videos.

    Well hopefully one day I can make a video that I can compare to his work. As for now.. it's going to be a long while before I even start on a video like that. And if I do it will have similar music and mood sync. Also the video would be past 6 minutes long.. I obsess over using the entire song so I wont cut up a song like Nostromo does. It's unfair to make a comparison like that.. I know.. but you know what.. you can't see inside my wonderland, so keep wondering and don't be hasty about what you think I'm able to do in this hobby.

    I am a man of honor. It comes from being in the military. I call it the dark brotherhood, because to be honest.. most of us did twisted pranks on one another.. but at the end of the day, we did have respect for most of our brothers in arms

    It was said by a reporter in the Pacific that the Marines did not fight for Corps or Country or their loved ones back home. They fought for the Marine next to them. Many become closer than brothers. They eat, sleep, train, fight and die together.

    Something is a problem only when it becomes a problem. Forgive those that care to change. Leave stubborn ones in a blinding dust.

    A true friend IMO is someone who truly cares to truly understand you.

    When it comes to friends.. I forgive easily, so I like to say whether I stay friends with someone isn't really up to me, but mainly up to them. If they had the personality to forgive like I do, well, then it's another story. But if the person is stubborn, then I don't want to be friends with them anyway. To change yourself is to want to be better. Nothing wrong though if you want to stay the same. Sometimes it's more comfortable that way. 
  • Whose footsteps? 2010-02-16 08:18:50 Whose footsteps do I follow? A parents I wanted to make proud? Did my friends steer me in the wrong direction? How about I get stuck often in the wrong situations not ment for me.

    I'm thinking about my amv history and I remind myself of some crazy roadblocks.

    I was obsessed over these things when I first started watching them which I think was late '99. I was lucky enough that my school had an editing station. Took around 6 hours total to make my first video. It was 6 minutes long. I got the source footage from dvds, but I had to transfer them to tape to use the footage. So the visual quality did go down a bit. When I finished the video I only was able to keep a copy on VHS.

    The second chance I had to edit was at home though Premiere never would work right. When I exported the video, most of the scenes wouldn't show up. I would make the same video ten times.

    The third chance I had to edit videos was when I was out in the middle of the ocean on a Navy Vessel. I stole clips from amvs and other random clips I had stored on my computer. One video I made was really good, but it's no longer something I can watch because it got deleted. Another video I made used DBZ and Linkin Park. People on my ship really liked it. I ran out of DBZ clips so it never got finished. Then the next video I made was to Slipknot Wait and Bleed and clips from FLCL. This video I was able to finish and a lot of people came back to me because they wanted to see it again. I even show it off to people to this very day. Though it does have stolen footage from amvs. Though I had so many edits in it a lot of it actually seems original.

    In 2004, I finally edited from a full movie. What movie? Akira. It was downloaded of course. I hear this song for the first time from Adema. I then visualize most of how I want the video to be and a few hours later I start to edit. 4 hours later I decide it's good enough. Never gave any online community a chance at this point in my life, in fact I didn't know much about them. My brother went to gamespot forums and told me about them, so at this point I notice the amv community. I then posted my video and bragged how I spent no time making it nor preparation for making it. I just had the idea, edited it right away, then posted it up. I can tell you now, I was a trip. Probably one of the biggest newbs seen. Though pretty quickly I did get along with people. And after some time a lot showed me a great deal of respect. Mainly from me giving random opinions on things. I've seen like 30 times "I agree with x_rex30" on a thread that didn't have many people quoting each other. I learned how to post well and respect the rules and others. There was only a few amount of people I didn't like and didn't get along with.

    It is funny that I was a newb one second then later respected for video editing know how. I was told numerous times about a video of mine looking better visually than any other video using the same anime source. I have also have given a lot of help in the help sections and even have had some involvement with the development of video editing software over at the doom9 forums.. I have even helped at least 20 people on finding a video that seemed impossible to find. I would say for a time I was the number 1 guy to go to for finding videos no one could find. Posters would even say they don't know how to find it.

    My entertainment of choice for many years has been amvs. Right now though, I have lost a lot of my faith in the community. Also the forums remind me a bit too much like a vast empty dessert. People are afraid to post, new topics are rare, and it's always the same ten people posting. So I don't know what happened. Posts are boring and it's like a chat room with the same people talking back and forth. If you are interested in what those people have to say then have fun. Also check this, most meps made past a year ago had most of it's reviews from people that worked on it. I don't think it gets more pathetic than that. Though this one contribution I made to the site surpasses that. You know those donations? I was given a lot of money and I gave a small amount of it to the community. If you knew the number it seems like a lot.. but that doesn't come close to the money that was contributed to me. Still I regret most of the amount I gave because all I got was this automated thank you. If I was the owner of the site, I would try to find the person just so I can shake his hand for the gratitude he has shown. Hell I would of tried to track him down at one of these anime conventions. But hell, forget that. automation for the win!?

    Anyway, that is my amv history. Not as great as most of these highly respected editors.

    I like to say I'm a suppressed Nostromo. Mainly because his recent videos remind me of AMVs I have visualized. Some may not see it, but to me he is the king at mood sync. If I wasn't so damn lazy and so easily discouraged, you would of seen some video of mine that would be a lot like his in terms of music and mood sync.

    But hell.. most of the videos that I see in my mind, I would pay people to make.. and I would make the final adjustments. I mean my average editing time for a video is 4 hours. The videos I want to see would take me over a month. There are a lot of things that keep me from editing that long. 
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