JOURNAL: dcdeveloperx

  • New X video and Current TBA videos in production 2003-03-20 17:38:13 Well I finished my X video called No light yesterday. Go check it out, its better than what I thought it would be. Other TBA videos im working on are A hellsing video, Zone of the enders video, and Spriggan or dbz one. Ill keep you guys updated when Blood Sugar opens, which might be March 22nd. Blood Sugars Forum just got up, check it out here . Oh yeah and all of my videos but x our down now, but most will be up this weekend since I got a new host. Thats all for now, Later 
  • Street Fighter vid done 2003-02-01 19:28:22 just finished my new vid, be sure to check it out, StreetFighterAlpha-Push it is the name ;) .........and umm Zone of the enders vid in production, and blue gender part 2 is also almost ready for production.  
  • new street fighter vid in production 2003-01-20 17:16:14 Well i figured what the hell, why dont i make a journal entry :). im currently working on a street fighter video with static-x "push it" ive gotten 14 secs done so far out of a 2:33 song. Also Im in pre production of a Zone of the Enders vid(from the oav) and so far at this point im trying to decide which song i should go with, ive picked a few but i dunno what i wanna do yet. And one more unconfirmed amv might be with spriggan, me and my friend might team up on it, but so far nothing has really happoned with that video at this point. is still not open yet, hopefully before jan is over it will be up and running. I submited my check ya(remade) vid to Anime Guild Music Video contest so I hope some people will like it. well thats all for now, i should be updating a lot now with journals, also email me if u got a amv idea, im always up for listening ( . Later 
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