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  • Arnold Layne, had a strange.... hobby 2004-07-31 07:55:26 Song:Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
    Mood: tired

    Been lazy about the AMV, what with current procedings in real life eg. One of my cusins getting married today. And it dawned on me last night whilst I was trying to get to sleep one thing. Most marrigages that end in Divorce. Are Protestent marrages. Okay, I'm not being sectarionist or anything, but everyone we know who's Catholic(most of our family then) have stayed married, and most of the people who are protestent, are divorced. My idea is cause the Catholic teaching tells us that Marrage is a holy Sacriment, and that you must make SURE you want to get married as you will have to spend the rest of your life with that person. Where as protestends just go "Lets get married for the craic!" it's all Henry VIII's fault. Anyway, that's all for now, gotta go do things like. eat and stuffs.

    Song: Pink Floyd-See Emily Play
    Mood: Ungy/tired 
  • My God, people actualy read this! 2004-07-26 08:14:36 10 times more people then I last checked, and I don't go here that often. hehehehehehe.


    Song: Pink Floyd - Poles Appart
    Mood: Grand
    Hair: fun!

    I finaly got my hair braided again, it took about 4 or 5 hours but it happened.
    I've taken a break from the AMV for a while as well.

    U2's album was stolen, they think that the guy who stole them is gonna put them online so they might bring it out first, as a legal download. Sneaky Bastards. Gotta love `em tho. lol

    Also, I was watching TMF and Roses by Outkast came on, and where as the track normaly goes "Your shhhh don't stank" to fit with the censorship laws. It now goes "Your ______ don't stank"
    My God, the censorship's gettin as bad as America. I remember listening to Ainte Up(Remix) on one of thoes channels and it sounded like an instrumental!!!! It's disgraceful. You'd think people would realise then when you sheild your children from EVERYTHING, they can't deal with the real world properly can they? if they're old enough to listen to the lyrics they have a right to know what the words mean,

    *sighs* it was 1 month yesterday since I saw Metallica live in Dublin. My GOD, that was mind blowing! I had no voice at the end but I didn't stop talking. Brilliant.


    Brilliant Channel 5 show (apparently, recomended by Screaming Clide, don't ask) called Oswalled, and I was denyed! damn it, I got up early for nothing! 8(

    so that's me, I might go for another walk later, who knows? peace out...

    Song:Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstine
    Mood: ungy
    Hair: Still fun!!! ^_^ 
  • Relationships are for Losers. All the Winners are Sad and Lonely 2004-07-24 08:33:43 Well, I started work on the new AMV yesterday, and it's pritty cool so far. I'm trying to do something huge here so it's gonna take up every waking hour of my pitiful excistance

    so I'm not gonna be updating for some time, I know, this will come as a shock to you(yes, the one person who reads this/accidently clicked the link/thinks Dimbo's a funny name) so peace out... 
  • 2004-07-23 05:16:34 Is it just me? Or are the Fimbles highly disturbingly shite?
    how can they pedel this shite to wee`uns now a days? it's stupid

    anywhoooo, not much in this camp, except I've been spending all my attention on the ESP T-600 when I completely forgot about the DF-404. I feel ashamed

    I'm also worried about my cusin(and collegue) cause he might be Otaku.
    Apparently it's so bad they're willing to sell him on Ebay for a half eatin Turkey Sandwich... how can I say this online do you ask? He doesn't have an account!

    lmao, Fimbles so far. One of them is worried about not being able to dance. And got advice from a Badger.

    The Second that badger appeared I thought Weebl! Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger! lmao.

    Anyway, that's about the hight of things today.

    Dimbo_Sama Recomends: Walking down the woods listening to Dark Side Of The Moon, my god everything get's augmented in beauty. It's Incredible

    Dimbo_Sama Worried about: The high sexual content of The Filmbles. "Can you feel your knock knock tingeling?" ewwwww 
  • ahhhh! She's rubbing off! 2004-07-21 09:10:58 My good `ol msn contact Laura. appears to be rubbing off on me(okay, don't expect you to know, but blah! this is my journal I can put what I want in it)

    Evidence are as follows:

    *I can't sleep with a t-shirt on, I have to be in my boxers

    *I've started cuddleing my pillow

    *Smutt overtakes everything in my brain

    okay so 2 outta 3 aint bad, but still, it's something to be worried about.

    anyway, recently the phones been pissing me off, You're supposed to be albe to use Broadband and the phone at the same time, so why does it knock my modem off? it makes no sence.

    that's me stumped, I need to find things to do. peace out.... 
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