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  • 21! 2002-10-22 15:51:35 21! TWENTY-ONE Evangelion AMVs to System of a Down - Chop Suey!!! WHY?!?!

    This just rubs me completely the wrong way. Why can't people be more original? Why not find a song that no one has used before? Why not go and actually LOOK for a song, instead of going "ooooh, I like this song, and I like this anime, and 1 or 2 bits of the song fit with it..."

    To tell the truth, I haven't found many new creators that are actually GOOD here on I see some new creators spitting out 1 or 2 AMVs a week, all to the same series, with different methods of arranging the same clips to different songs in that fun ol' WMV format.

    If you can't afford Premiere, get something cheaper. There are a few REALLY cheap editing tools on the market. Go to eBay and get a used older version of Premiere, DO SOMETHING. Quality of video DOES affect how people will like your AMV, whether you want to admit it or not. All of the "best" AMVs here on have good looking video.

    And for heaven's sake, people, have a PURPOSE when you make a music video. I'm seeing so many videos that I can see that take just as much effort as the infamous DBZ AMVs that are completed in 10 minutes. To really get a good score, have a message or theme. If you don't, the AMV is just a pile of video and music on a hard drive with no drive behind it.

    And don't complain if you get a crappy score for a crappy video. I don't care if you spent a whole whopping 3 hours on it last night, I'm not going to give you a 10 for something that deserves a 5.


    Well, that relieved a bit of frustration and made a bunch of people decide never to watch my videos again. Oh well, I don't make them for public opinion, I make them to test my ability to make a good video, and to have fun.

    With that said, have a good day! 
  • First journal 2002-09-26 17:51:50 I know I never really look at other people's journals, but I have some free time, so what the heck.

    I'm currently working on an Ah My Goddess AMV, and re-organizing my room due to the fact that I have so many fansubs, it's time for rearraging. I don't like pulling out three rows of tapes just to get to a tape or 2 of one series. ^_^

    Oh, and for those of you that didn't notice, my first video I ever made is up. It's a pretty decent romantic video, but it needs to be re-mastered with DVD quality. I know of 3 people in my area that cried when they saw this video. ^_^;; Nothing else of mine really equals the amount of "heart" I put into it, so I suggest downloading it. And fo heaven's sake, please review it if you like it. ^_^

    Mata ne! 
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