JOURNAL: Lethann (Debra Parnell)

  • *blerg* 2004-08-04 17:00:15 Ok.. so it's been a while since I've posted here. I'm mostly posting in my LJ and for the most part i haven't been working on any AMVs since I last posted. *sigh*

    I'm currently working on Quu and My's DDR video, but it's not going anywhere fast. *sigh* I hope he get's things together soon so he can start helping me with it.

    Well.. most of Con Season is over and done with... I'm not going to go into it besides saying that Both Fanime and Anime Centeral were totally awesome and I didn't go to Otakon.

    AWA is next and I've got a pile of Pro Submissions to prove it. *sigh* Life as we know it ceases to exist until AWA is over now. Thank GOD I love AWA or I might actually HATE this job. ;-)

    I'm thinking of submitting my video to AWA Expo but I"m not sure. First I need to reencode it to make it so it can be shared. *sigh* I'd really like some opinions on it eventually.  
  • Done? 2003-08-04 23:02:55 Ok.. I think I might be done...

    but we'll see...

    Friday is Otakon... I don't konw if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I'm more looking forward to Quu being lessed stressed out. I worry about him too much... 
  • AMV update 2003-07-18 08:02:06 Last night I finished the blocking of the vid. it's crap but at least it's done. Now I need to polish it up. Though I need to go through and see if I can find more footage... I STILL don't know how I ended up with huge blank spots... x-x 
  • For the record... 2003-07-17 04:58:00 ... I'm beginning to see why some people HATE premier.

    I need more inspiration. *sigh* check LJ for more info.. I don't feel like posting here ATM.

    night night 
  • My First AMV 2003-07-17 00:04:29 Ok.. I've started working on my fist AMV.

    First I started working on it when Quu pointed out that I had windows movie maker on my machine and the RAWs to Last Exile on hand. I didn't really have an inspiration so I started listening to various music. The only song that seemed to fit the series that I could find was a song form the Children of Dune OST, Inama Nushif (aka Life and Death Montage). For those who don't know it, it's the song they play during the birth of the twins and while they are excuiting all the traitors, hence "life and death montage". SOO cool.


    So I plug it into WMM and take a stab at it. Going with the whole "Life and Death Montage" theme, I ended up taking most of my footage from the first epsiode. *sigh* I feel like I'm just rehasing it.. but maybe I can do better once I get into Premier and can do layers and stuff...

    Oh yea.. I forgot that part...

    Yesterday Quu tells me that Premier will actually work on my machine. *blanches* So today I get the program installed, along with a slew of other stuff I need.

    Right now I'm waiting for ep 1 to finish recompressing in Vituraldub. It's already been at it for 30 mins and is barely half done. *cires* FINISH DAMN YOU!

    OH well.. I'll post more when there is more to tell. 
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