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  • Reading... 2013-05-10 21:18:30 is so overrated. 
  • lol...look how long it's been since I used this. 2012-05-08 21:55:44 So I guess it's official that I'm back. I've entered "certain contests" that require me to finish a new AMV each week. So, granted they aren't going to be full fledged "work my fingers to the bone" videos, they will still be a start to getting back into this hobby after a 4 year hiatus. But don't fret, I have plenty of convoluted AMV ideas from the past 4 years that should keep me busy after I get my edge back. 
  • VCA Results and suchness... 2008-02-25 06:56:23 Well, the results are in it seems.

    First off, just want to extend my thanks to everyone who voted Condemned Memoir FTW in Best Horror. As with every year, I greatly appreciate the support and now feel the drive to give you guys something amazing to watch this year.

    As for the results, in both VCA and JCAs, I can't say I favor either more than the other. Pretty much half my picks that won in the VCAs got dogged out in the JCAs and vice versa. But it is an interesting comparison. Either way, grats to all the winners of both contests and I hope to see some excellent vids from you all this year. :P 
  • VCA Finals? O Snap! 2008-02-18 16:00:13 So it looks like Condemned Memoir has made the finals in 3 categories; best dramatic, horror and character profile. I'm real happy to see that the vid has some support behind it. Thanks to all you guys who voted for it, and for those who didn't, go watch it! Lets see some votes!

    As for some of the other categories, Aerialesque landed in for best Romantic and Sentimental. She's got my votes since it's one of my favorite videos out of VNS so far. Go Dani!

    As for Best fun and original, Zephyr's Daydream is no contest. His vid and 3D skills rock.

    My vote for Best Dance indefinitely goes to Chii for Sugarsanden. It pretty much defines a dance vid. :P

    Magic Pad did pull one of my votes ironically for Best use of Multiple Anime, because that's what it is; a big mix of anime.

    Best parody goes to AMV Technique Beat. Fun little vid that keeps me coming back to it time and again.

    Best Lip Sync and comedy are no doubt in the bag for Shonen Libido. Mebbe Plunder will pull comedy, but for me Libido makes me laugh everytime. Plus it's one of the only vids this year with extensive lip sync.

    Ileia for editor of the year. Nuff said.

    Grats to all the editors in th finals, some great vids in there. These are just some of my picks, let's see how many actually are right. :P 
  • I guess it's official... 2008-01-31 03:46:15 As of 2 days ago I've officially started a new vid. Granted it doesn't help that it's the massive FX intensive vid I've been planning for a year, but hey...I started.

    Since this one might take a while I'm gonna try and start up a side project to have made in time for the Acen deadline. So my 4 vid a year resolution will hold fast if I keep on track.

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