JOURNAL: Szwagier (Paul Gaska)

  • Srsly good stuffz 2007-06-08 21:51:31 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is on of the most freaky anime i've seen lately, and perhaps one of the most freaky i've seen so far. The idea is pretty simple, yet brilliant. Imagine a chain of events that leads to murder. There is place, there are people involved, there is some story in the past, there are victims and there is murderer. Now take those and create a story out of them. Then twist them a little, add a bit of other information and create another one. Rinse and repeat and you will get Higurashi.

    The anime is separated into 6 chapters (their lenght vary from 2 to 6 episodes) and every chapter is a different story, or a story from a different perspective (one that would change the meaning completely). The main theme is a chain of event happening in Himinazawa village. There are murders appering each year, that people believe is curse of the local deity. The action takes place at the 5 year in a row (though there are episodes located in the past as well), and revolves aroound 5 main characters.

    I find this anime really good, not only because it have really orignal and good idea. It also have srsly insane atmosphere. The first episodes of each chapter are covering normal lives, but there is already something wrong with it. Then it can get only worse, and we can see those character in various roles killin each other. While the anime was going a bit hardcore with some ideas, it was really worth watchin. 
  • What is wrong with asian horrors? :O 2007-05-02 18:09:07 No srsly... Why does every asian horror have to be about some dead teeneage girl in the mood for haunting?? I mean, they have quite nicely done mood, good usage of details, but ffs... If for the x^2 time they wanna scare me with some teenage gril shown in the dark room I start to laugh... I just watched "Tales of the two sisters", that was higly recommended to me, and I am srsly disapointed... It had a few nice twists, that pu some suprise but when somewhere in the middle a woman said she saw a girl under the kitchen closet I started to laugh, instead of feeling the creep....

    Perhaps when the scenario writers meet together they liek go to the cemetery and ask:
    "Hey, did you have some fresh girl corpse? Cuz we liek want to make a horror ya know, and we thought of so original concept with so low budget. You will never guess... We want to scare people with dead girl :O Suprised? Well ya should, cuz this is top original ya know..."

    Blah, whining over :S Next time I'll just buy skip the horror movies in my buying plans... 
  • Myth just died 2007-04-18 18:13:46 I just learned that watching things I've loved in the distant past, but haven't seen too many times then, is actually a bad idea.
    Today I was able to get old AMV that I found extremely awesome few years ago (3-4 or sth like that). The problem is I've seen it twice then, and after that I couldn't find it. So it became nostalgic memory, someting like a legend. That's why I was happy when today I saw that one clip from my friends dvd was called " AMV - Kenshin - Madonna - Frozen".

    I've instantly hit play and.... I was really disappointed. There was no magic left in it, just a mediocre video with irritating things (like annoying flashes, and far too literral editing for a drama video). It would have been still a nice memory I if hadn't watch it.... 
  • Such awesome material 2007-04-08 17:53:58 I've watcehd first season of "Honey and Clover" (after awesome MeriC and Nessie amvs I decided I need to check it out. ). I must say that in terms of story I am a bit disappointed - it was too sappy for me. Well I guess that was to be expected, but still I hoped for more comedy approach. Oh well it wasn't bad series to watch afterall.

    The strongest point of the series is its animation style. While the story lacks a lot, the style is simply beatiful (especially in all this sappy moments). I defienietely got to make some AMV to "Honey and Clover" cuz this drawings are just asking to be changed into some AMV. They are too awesome to be left alone. But that's a case for the future - I have other projects to do for now. 
  • 2 hours of boredom but with some gems 2007-04-02 17:12:21 Today I watched "Blow-up" by Michelangelo Antonioni, and while It was well made from one point of view I found it really tiresome. I heard, that critics praised him for his ultra long shots, but that's what killed the movie for me. I mean.. long shots are fine... but reasonably long. Getting into details is good, but again - reasonably! So I spend two hours, got the meaning of the movie, liked it a bit for all the scenography, story and character build-up but for the shots hated it.

    Putting all the ups and downs aside - this movie had two terrific scenes. First one is quite simple idea, but perfectly used - "resizing". The main char (photographer) was trying to find a details in some pictures he made. So he putted them on wall, and started watching both of them shifting from one to another, and getting into more and more details. It sounds silly when I describe it, but on the screen it's really awesome.

    Second of those great scenes was last scene of the movie. It won't spoil you the plot, so I write about it. It takes places on abandoned Tennis court. A group of mimes drive there, and decided to play tenis. But not normal tennis - mime tenis. With both the ball and the rockets imaginary. This took place in a complete silence, and it was really magical. That's because not only two mimes who played it get into this illusion, but also those mimes in the audience showe reaction with their eyes, or avoided ball flying towards them. Again it may sound silly if you haven't watched it. 
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