JOURNAL: twotengoten (Heath Hudnall)

  • My Journey Starts.... 2005-02-05 01:35:53 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And then God created man. And then God endowed man with creativity. Then man created anime. Then man put the anime he had created to the music that he had also created. And after the day was done, it was good. Very, very good.

    In the fourth age of the reign of MajinKenshin, there was a man who was in good favor with with his people. He was well loved, and was at a high place of authority and respect in his life. Then he created his first AMV, and it was bad. Very bad. And the people cursed his name and rebelled against him.
    The man was Heath Hudnall called twotengoten, son of John Hudnall, son of Edward Hudnall, and of the lineage of King Artemis Hudnall the fifth, who ruled the land of Kno Ware in the first age of the reign of VCRs. The man was devestated that his first AMV was so bad that the people rejected him, exiling him to the wastelands where he would have to use downloaded clips with poor aspect ratios and horrible quality.
    His second attempt at the AMV faired slightly better than his first, but he was still without proper training or guidance. Then came another man. The only name he gave was Master_Gohan22. This man was very skilled in the art of making the AMVs, and was very eager to share his knowledge with twotengoten.

    And so twotengoten trained with Master_Gohan22. It was a long, grueling process, where he learned much. Heath, called twotengoten, studied his teacher's videos with utmost patience, to understand fully the concepts of timing and fading. Quickly he began to understand the practice of rubberbands and cross disolves. In time he became better, and attempted again to make an AMV.
    His third attempt was horrible. It wasn't nearly up to the par with his other videos, and his teacher declared, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he who does not time well nor well take his time shall run out of time. He who times well and makes good use of his time shall be rewarded with perfect timing."
    And so twotengoten learned.
    Applying what he had learned from Master_Gohan22, twotengoten began his fourth AMV. It would be a tribute to the great Super Saiyan Trunks, who began his journey by training under a Master Gohan as well. He picked the perfect song for the video. He thought out each beat and measure meticulously. Then he began to edit.
    It was good.
    Shouts of victory and psalms of praise were sung in honor of Heath Hudnall called twotengoten. He began to come back into favor with his people, and there was much rejoicing and opinion-ing. His scores were high like his self-esteem. His teacher looked at him with pride, but knew that there was much more for twotengoten to learn that could not be taught so simply.
    One year later, after much pain and anguish, twotengoten set out for his fifth AMV. He collected his clips, and used the perfect song. Such a video had never been conceived before. He began his work...and worked. And worked. He worked until he could work no more and then worked some more.
    On the seventh day, he exported.
    It was very good. Very, very good.
    He rejoiced and went all over the land to proclaim his triumph. Many who were not even fans of DBZ rejoiced with him, knowing that such talent could make even the worst of anime appear to be divine.
    Until now all of twotengoten's videos had been of Dragonball Z. But now, even now, he moves on to an even greater venue. He moves forth into the new world of anime that is ridiculously overused. He began to use Naruto.

    to be continued... 
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