JOURNAL: Yorae (Hind Saoud)

  • Back from void =) 2006-08-18 07:34:20 Haven't been fainting lately, which is good. I think it was a phase or something :D

    Anyways, decided on my bandanna style, yey~! Now I need to find turtlenecks. I searched everywhere, but the ones I want have to be LIGHT or else I'll just suffocate in the humidity of summer here.

    Hmmm, amv and anime-wise. Nothing. Guess I'm not interested at the moment. Hrm. :-/

  • Random. 2006-06-30 05:28:47 Wow... I just found out that they are making a remake version of Tales of Destiny... ON PS2!!!! Omg! So exciting!!

    I'm looking for a song. I have this idea for a video, but no song. All my footage is ripped and ready, but no song. No song makes me sad. *sniff*

    Hmmm... what else? I'm not into anime that much these days. I guess I got bored of it. Instead, I'm surfin' around fishing for game news and teaching myself http and php.  
  • Anime and Water 2006-06-16 05:36:30 ----UtawareruMono
    I really like this series. The reason why I first downloaded it was because someone said it was similar to Suikoden. And since I'm a Suikoden fanatic I was like OMGZZZ I HAVE TO GET IT!!!! Well, I went and downloaded a few episodes. Well, all 10 that were subbed and out, and well, its not like Suikoden THAT much. I mean, ok there's this group fighting a corrupt empire and all, but no. Not like Suikoden. But that doesn't mean its BAD. I love the way it has this very strong RPG feel to it. You meet people, they join your cause, you become stronger and you go on missions with your group members. Also, each character has his/her own weapon/specialty and fighting style and aids the party in their own way. I like stuff like that. Feels very old school and nostalgic in a way. I got the vibe that my siblings didn't like it that much. We watched the first four episodes the other day and when I wanted to play the fifth episode all the moaning started and people started crying for Ouran Host Club! (damn pop-anime which is still good). So I ended up watching the other six episodes in a row the next day on my own, and I enjoyed every moment of it ;) Character development is somewhat vague (especially the Benawi recruitment part) But character interaction is PRICELESS~! People who have seen the part where Hakuorou sneaks away from his paper work and Benawi finds out know what I mean ;)
    Anyways, I love this show. Can't wait for episode 11~!

    ----Addicted to Water?
    I really don't know what's wrong with me! Yesterday I drank a total of 4 litres of water~! And today I already gulped down a 1.5 bottle and IT'S NOT NOON YET!!!! OMG! I can't stop drinking water!!! What the hell is wrong with meeeee.... ;___; 

    So yes. We watched Blood+ yesterday, and finished watching Now and then here and there today, and let me tell you this...... IT'S AN ANGST FEST!! OMG I can't believe this. After going through all the pain of watching poor Riku die like that, I get rewarded today with Nabuca kicking the bucket! I felt so bad when Nabuca died! And when Shu cried over him, my heart was in shambles... Waaa.... Nabuca ;__;....

    And Riku, of course. This is the first time I feel so bad about an anime character dieing. It was so sudden. And unexpected. And sudden. And I was like "Wha...?". And Saya's and Kai's reactions made me all "Helloooooo... little bro just died here.."..

    Poor Riku.... and Nabuca... *angsts some more*

    Oh, and I have a new amv that might me uploaded sometime tommorrow. It's nothing much but I guess its a warm up after an entire semester of non existant interaction with any editting software whatsoever. So until then! 
  • Hmmm. 2006-05-18 09:58:49 Blood+ is SUCH a good show. It's one of those anime where you love the entire cast like one big family. The story is deep, well-woven and very strong. And all the characters are interesting and multilayered. Great show. Anyone reading go watch it if you haven't yet! Altough right now (episode 26 onwards) things have been turning into an angst fest. ;___; BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING >:> Even though I really feel bad for them... Poor Kai..... ;;___;;

    I think I have unintentionally developed an addiction on sugar free gum. I don't know why, but I cannot stop chewing. O_o

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