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  • Guess the first wasnt the last. 2007-07-22 17:40:17 So I havent made an AMV in a while, or rather this year, and although I have tons of ideas crowding my little 70 page notebook I cant seem to actually do one or finish the ones I do start. I think it's because Im not a great editor but yet I dont want to butcher the anime/song combination.

    A good example of this would be The Place Promised in our Early days with Fall Apart from Earshot. What a PERFECT combination, and I was wanting to do this. I even have the footage ripped onto my external hd. HELL, I even had a banner made( )
    The theme would be about how Hiroki's dreams are falling apart; with Sayuri going into that coma type thing, he distances himself from reality, and then when she does wake up...everything she ever felt for him is gone. So in the end, Hiroki is left by himself...horribly tragic. That is worse than Tomoe dying and leaving Kenshin behind.


    Ok, anyways...Ive been in the mood for a horribly sad AMV. Something that'll rip my heart out and just twist it ruthlessly. This is the type of song Ive been searching for so if anyone knows of a song like this than PM me with the title!!

    To me a great sad AMV is one that can make me cry. Im not very emotional, but I do like movies that have a sad ending and which make me bawl everytime I watch it.

    Since Ive been in this kind of mood(looking for something to make me cry), I was watching Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal. Ya, so what? When Kenshin is sitting there crying and talking to Tomoe...*tear. I have a great idea that Im going to beat myself over the head to start and actually finish!! Yes, even though Samurai X and the relationship between Tomoe x Kenshin is WAY overused, Im going to use it. Or rather the idea of how it left Kenshin feeling.

    Maybe Ill do a banner to create a little motivation? (only downside to that is if multiple attempts gets unworthy itll create frustration)

    ^ AMV IDEA:

    AMV Title: ??

    Anime: Samurai X: Trust, Betrayal, and maybe some Reflection to get some of that post-Tomoe's death angst from Kenshin.

    Artist: The Wallflowers
    Song: One Headlight
  • My first journal entry 2007-06-05 18:30:45 And probably my last...but...

    ^ it won!!!!! My masterpiece...I pushed the limits with the snake heads instead of a flower and 108 people liked it! I was expecting 1 of 2 things:

    1. People would hate it because of Orochimaru - the really bad guy of Naruto who goes after Sasuke (the fangirls man).

    2. It would barely get worthy.

    Though 108 votes isnt anything to complain about I would have liked more...cause I worked really REALLY hard on that banner. All day matter of factly while I was sick and it still made me excited. Well whatever. Its up for everyone to enjoy the Orochimaruness! WHOOOO!

    Did I just prove Arigatomina wrong? Because of the flowery logo the banners will be all girly? YES(I proved her wrong at least in this case)! Snakes arent girly, most girls hate snakes. Booyah. 
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