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  • New video OUT. 2005-08-28 10:16:47 It's entitled Running. Features No Doubt's running song to Perfect Blue. Made it for the Fantasy Movies contest being held this week end in Lorient (France). That version is slightly different from the one I sent to the contest, I corrected a few things that I found akward in the original video.
    I do hope that video will have a good response from the public at the con and it on .org, because That's a concept I really loved, and I really like the way it turned out. I also people will think about it when they see, and not just be passive. I'd like them to make their own interpretation of the video, so I do hope I'll receive some feedbacks :)

    About the FM contest, I think that would be nice to be a part of the top15, as the level seems again really high this year, and I don't know really how a vide olike this can be welcomed by the jury. Let's see :) for the video, or just check my profile :) 
  • Gah... 2005-03-08 11:26:26 Well, I bought for myself the first season from of Family Guy. That's a show that intertainmed me a lot when it was on tv, I hope I won't regret having bought this.

    Also, the results of the VCAs have fallen... well, let's take a look at it.

    # Best Action Video
    MajinKenshinAMV (Jimmy Cleveland)

    Uh... I can't say that's a bad video, but I'm sad Kill Spike didn't took it, it deserved much more that prize.

    Best Character Profile
    罪人の火傷 - Tsumibito no kashou
    Tyler_yj (Yann J.)

    I'm ok with that considering the other videos in that category.

    # Best Comedy Video AMV Hell Zarxrax (Alan Clontz)

    I voted fot FOOTBALL, but I really enjoy none of those videos. Machine's Naruto should have won it IMHO (but it didn't even made this to the finals...).

    # Best Dance Video Delirium Anamorphic Productions (Amanda Irwin)

    I didn't like that video AT ALL. To be true none of the finalists in that category deserved it. Zest's 4 just 1 day or Willow's untitledZeroOne should have won, I don't understand the people that voted for that video...

    # Best Dramatic Video Whisper Of The Beast ScorpionsUltd

    There again, not a bad video, but I would have prefered to see Tyler's video win.

    # Best First Video Greed vs. Envy Darci-San (Darci Viens)

    For me, that is not really an amv. There's a lot of efforts needed to do this I guess, but that's just too poor imo, Enail's video deserved it the most I think, or Nostromo in the finalists.

    # Best Fun Video Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton)

    There again I voted for FOOTBALL be cause there were nothing better. EvaBebop isn't something that entertains me.

    # Best Horror/Terror Video The AMV Before Halloween shiningfingerstudios

    Let me laugh of that. That video is just COMEDY using horror or like animes, it don't have his place here. Angel's redemption was my favourite.

    # Best Instrumental Video Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton)

    Here again I'm disappointed, I voted for Corran's video but Otohiko really deserved it too imo. I mean, the purpose of using instrumental song is for me not being ordered by the lyric to make oneself own story with your own ideas, but that video just copied the concept from an opening. I don't think it deserves it.

    # Best Lip-Synch Video Shounen Bushidou istiv (Steeve Gréaux)

    Deserved. Hito has much improved his lip synch since love united, technically and with attitudes of the characters.

    # Best No-Effects Video Greed vs. Envy Darci-San (Darci Viens)

    Hu ? There again I don't really understand. Is drawing his own anime an effect ? I guess so. a lot of videos deserved it more imo, like beautiful earth, or kusoyaro's Here comes the sun.

    # Best Parody Video Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton)

    Here, I think that was the better video between all the finalists. I didn't like the others, but Kill Spike should have made it at leas to the finals.

    # Best Sentimental Video Images Fluxmeister (Tim Stair)

    I didn't really like that video, but that's not the worst that could be imagined.

    Best trailer : I didn't vote anyone since the only trailer that I liked (prescott affair) didn't make it to the finals.

    # Best Use of Visual Effects Shounen Bushidou istiv (Steeve Gréaux)

    Deserved. WotB could have won too.

    # Creator of the Year VicBond007 (Victor Boruta)

    WTF??? What did he made that year except his MAD video ?? I don't like VB videos, so I won have been desapointted to see him win in any case, but here he just won with only ONE real video that year. Geez... I thought Tyler would have taken it. All of his video this year were really good (except Tormented love, but hey :p ).

    # Most Artistic Video Whisper Of The Beast ScorpionsUltd

    I don't see anything artistic in that video, and the same goes for the others video.

    # Most Helpful Member VicBond007 (Victor Boruta)

    I don't know what he did helpful this year...

    # Most Improved Creator Tyler_yj (Yann J.)

    The most deserved award. I couldn't have seen anyone else win that.

    # Most Original Video AMV Hell Zarxrax (Alan Clontz)

    I voted for it but Osaka's memories by Wunjo should have made it to the victory. I didn't enjoyed AMV Hell, but his concept was original.

    # Rookie of the Year bakadeshi (Kareef Huggins)

    Deserved. Nostromo could have made it also, but Bakadeshi was better that year I think.

    # Video of the Year Shounen Bushidou istiv (Steeve Gréaux)

    Not the one I would have chosen it the intial votes, but the only one that deserved it in the final.

    # Best Multi-Editor Project Animix

    Gaaaah... Why animix ? I can't flame it cause I know much people tha were involved in this and really tried to do the best the can, but it can't be compared to a project like DDR4 in my opinion, or even to ROS, which, even if I didn't really enjoyed it, had a stronger editing. But, if every people involved in Animix voted for it, I can understand it won XD

    In general, disappointed with the lyric except for few ones. But since I didn't even agree with the finalist list, that could have been worse... that was the first VCAs I really "lived" (I didn't really know org enough for last year's edition). So, wee you next years, congrats to hito and tyler,and new trophees gain for them :p

    Also, I'm editing my video for the 3rd round of the amv tournament, and that's difficult. I don't like the song, and I think I didn't chose the easier anime to work with... but anyway, I'll try my best ^^
    Use my ban to support me ^^ 
  • Welcome ! 2005-02-22 15:46:10 Yes, welcome to the inauguration of my journal :)
    What a better beginning than a mistake with the title ?

    Well, I'm actually not editing. I'm waiting for my next match of the AMV tournament (<a href=""></a>) versus alex.horus, and after that I will begin my next project :)
  • Welcome ! 2005-02-22 15:41:20  
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