JOURNAL: afleetinghope (John )

  • ... 2002-04-08 11:06:05 I come back from going to the store and the phone is ringing, it's my dad saying if I want a job I got it. So tomorrow I start doing cleaning crap there, but I do mind since it'll be about 7 an hour for 8 hours a day, and that's a good bit of money for someone like me. ^_^;

    So hopefully I'll be able to get my computer fixed and a few addons too. '-' 
  • Now this is nice 2002-04-08 09:19:56 The problem is the hard drive and probably the boot sector, and since on my hard drive is the only copy of most of my videos, all the work for my site, and a bunch of other crap I don't want to lose, it's sitting there until we can save up enough for a new one (show how poor we are, and I was thinking about how I wished I could of had a burner a few hours before this happened so I could do a backup x_x), so for the next few weeks I'll be using the family one whenever I can pry it away from my brothers. Not like this old POS can do anything (PII 233, 4gb hard drive, 32mb memory), but I can atleast check my e-mail and come here.

    Well, I'm going to be bored shitless for the next few weeks, but atleast my videos are going to be recoverable. I guess this goes to show I'm one of you freaks now. :p 
  • FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK 2002-04-07 14:31:33 Last night about midnight I got a general protection error out of the blue (is that a pun? ._.,) and after that I couldn't go two seconds without getting Kernal32 and Explorer errors, so now after working on it most of the day the OS is blown away, and I can't get get 98 or NT to install.

    Atleast most of the stuff is still there, except for my latest video and my site, fuck! 
  • First time in a month 2002-03-25 21:08:13

    Then why the fuck do I still get packet loss? 
  • 1 A.M. and I'm cold again 2002-02-27 23:43:18 Just when I think FS2 was hard, it hits me with a suckerpunch. ._., So now I'm stuck and really, really annoyed.

    Started work on a new site today, written stuff mostly. Tomorrow night I'll hopefully get to work on the layout.

    I've fallen for CLAMP animes. X TV is good, but so far Angelic Layer and Magic Knight Rayearth are way, way better, they're just harder to get, especially with Morpheus being down and DC not wanting to cooperate. ;-; Hell I'd buy MKR but it seems to not be sold in either VHS or DVD... 
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