JOURNAL: shrink_laureate (Marcus Downing)

  • Auchinawa AMV Panel Video 2006-12-15 06:00:13 I just posted the video I used during my talk for Auchinawa, outlining some of the technical steps in how to make an AMV. While not as funny as the artistic talk delivered by Luche ("if you do this right, Catgirls and Bishounene will fall from the sky"), i think it helped get the messgage across.

    But only with me talking. People downloading it on the Org are likely to be very disappointed, since the video is without sound and somewhat meaningless.

    I do plan to hammer it into something more generally applicable if I can, something that will stand on its own. But that may take a while.

    On the bright side, my machine has a decent amount of memory now, which will help. 
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