JOURNAL: Jesmaster (Jesse Menendez)

  • Trigun-Wondeful completed! 2001-10-30 15:26:08 My new video, Trigun-Wonderful is now up for download!

    Being my first dramatic video, I put a lot of effort into this.
    This is not a Vash video, the video is in fact about Wolfwood and his relationships with the other characters, mainly Milly.

    I have to thank Stone Temple Pilots for this song because its lyrics and guitar melody perfect fit the world of Trigun and the events outlayed in the video, I highly recommened you know the lyrics before watching the video to get the full effect.

    Of course there are massive Trigun spoilers in this video so only people who have seen all of Trigun need apply.

    I would like to hear your opinions, the download works fine but there is a 40 person download limit so if you get server busy it is perfectly normal.

    Now I am off to work on my second Trigun video, this one being more action comedy and focusing on Vash with the greatest song for his charater. Right now that video is about 20% done.

    Well thats about it for now, hope you enjoy my new video! 
  • 10/21/01 1:06AM The first entry -Double Trigun- 2001-10-21 01:15:45 Hello, it is I, Jesmaster of

    After making music videos for two years my work has considerably improved in all areas, just see the difference in music video quality between my latest video Photon-DeepSexySpace and my first video FlagpoleSitta. Anyway, I'm looking for a con to enter my Photon video into but I wonder if I could send it to any con with all the raunchy footage in it......

    More importantly, I am working on two Trigun videos, one will be an action/comedy based around Vash, I found a beautiful song that fits his character perfectly to a dime.
    The video I'm going to take very seriously however, is my first dramatic video also to Trigun and it is not a Vash video, the song for this one is also perfect, I first put the idea together this summer and thought about for about three months before starting the actual video! Trust me, if this video does not bring a tear to your eye then you are a horrible monster.

    So here are the current status of the two videos

    Action/Comedy- 15% done

    Dramatic- 45% done

    I am working more on the drama one now because I have a better overall plan for it than the action one, hopefully I'll have it done next month at the latest.

    Before I go, for a fast download check out my new Kenshin video, Kenshin-LifeDenied, the Direct link for it is on my college space so it is very fast, the music video is under 2min long so it won't take up too much of your time, I'd like to hear some more opinions on that one as well as my other videos, all the links work but there is a 40 person download limit on all of my files (except for the Direct Kenshin-LifeDenied). Thats all I have to say for now. Expect further updates on my latest projects at a later date!
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