JOURNAL: StarMasayume (Sarah )

  • Hello out there... 2004-06-17 22:33:23 Been here for awhile now and figured I should might as well post my first journal entry. My friend Midnite got me hooked on AMVs about a year ago, never considered film editing as a hobby or anything I could possibily do until I got infected by with this persistent desiease that gave an itch and then inner burning to learn how to make my own amvs.. Midnite of course encouraged me to learn, and I took on the challenge over christmas break (just after I started getting better from the flu-->didn't feel like throwing up at my computer).

    First vid turned out to be Location of Happiness, a fun salsa amv and a character profile of Tsubasa from Kare Kano. Second one was an idea thought up by Midnite, My Girl to Fruits Basket. That one was dragging on and as I was just getting seriously hooked on the live-action Sailor Moon, before My Girl was completely finished, I started working on a PGSM vid to the song Super Girl.

    Between myself and Midnite, I was accumulating aroun 10 or so good amv ideas, but despite all the planning on the ones I would do next, my fourth one was a suprise to me--"What Makes the Monkey Dance." So... won't repeat anything about it that's already in the comments for the vid, though it is finished and available to download. ^__^

    Uhh.. anything else for now? Next project of mine I'll be starting with Midnite within a day or so. Fushigi Yuugi/Fruits Basket combo. :)

    That'll about do it fo now! I love summer vacation... =) 
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