JOURNAL: Oli.C (Oliver Cartwright)

  • Random Scenes ;_; 2008-05-10 10:11:47 After spending some time on my track for WAFV, I am feeling sorta weary about slipping into the routine of random scene editing. I guess this down to the fact I'm not really used to editing such a short piece, whilst figuring out how to make it captivating enough to be enjoyable.

    I've watched countless videos that have scenes from all over the place with absolutely no cohesion (mostly "intense" action vids this is) ... Frustrating to watch really, as some obviously have the edit sync down pretty good.

    I find it much more enjoyable spending time structuring plots and interesting themes that actually relative to the music I'm using somehow... Oh I dunno, everybody is different and guess some people find things more memorable than others. 
  • @Driftroot 2008-04-30 15:58:39 T'was painful reading your journal post mate... I don't think you should pack in your hobby though. I'd like to think that whether or not you attract a lot of attention through perhaps being kinda outspoken (some good and some not so good attention that is), you will always have people that you'll be able to connect with on some level - through words or more likely through the experience of your AMV creations.

    Hang in there mate, and let the 'douche bag' comments whoosh over your head.

  • First MEP 2008-04-26 14:56:08 I recently got the OK to start work on my first MEP and I'm hoping it'll be both good fun and fresh new experience. Check out the forum topic below:

    At first I thought the music was rather heavy for a "Christian" themed MEP, and yet in the end I really started liking the idea. An interesting collection of tracks that put together form a pretty cool dynamic and now I can't wait to get started. 
  • First Post 2008-04-23 14:36:41 Do you ever find yourself coming up with a complete fully blown AMV in your mind? Youíve probably done it quite recently, Iím sure you know the one! Scene for scene thought out with a stomping epic feel and you close your eyes as it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand. And yet, honestly deep down, you know that there is no way youíll be able to fully realise the piece you just pictured. Perhaps the same way one could conceivably picture - a motorcycle lets say? - spinning on some platform, fully 3D and perfectly proportioned, but then ultimately fail to take an accurate snap shot and draw it with equal perfection on a piece of paper. Though arguably in that example you could offer the blame on oneís lacking knack for special awareness or whether or not they had a capable photographic memory (though our dreams would often beg to differ). In any case, translating that image, or rather Ďa collection of full motion scenesí (at least in the case of AMVs) into a plausible reality can never quite be just as it was initially conceived.

    I frequently found myself pondering this notion over and over again in my mind as I worked on my last project. In the end I believe I decided that this whole concept didnít really matter at all. The answer was simply due to the fact that I soon realised that the fully blown AMV in my head contained many gaps that I hadnít noticed. For starters I somehow managed to forge scenes that could have never been found in the anime. So where did these moments come from? Chances are that they can from me watching other shows, and likely the AMVs of editors I respected, and I somehow managed to create something from those templates. Either way I knew that the AMV that Iíd eventually produce would still hold a unique quality of sorts but would never hold the same identity to the one I pictured at the beginning. So much so that to my surprise it I found that it turned out to be a rather good thing. After all, there will always be some scenes in a show that you previously overlooked only to find now that ďah ha there it is!Ē Thatís what Iíve really been actually looking for and it didnít matter that it wasnít something I originally pictured.

    I think thatís the real funÖ Finding the real magic in places less looked or seldom thought about. Yet by me defining a moment as magic it will always be personal one, and maybe only recognisable to myself. Still, in the end it may have challenged the notion of the preconceived to the point that something more special was created. And perhaps that is all matters.

    Shame that now Iíve gotta learn all this all over again!
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