JOURNAL: DJ_Izumi (Ashley Hakker)

  • Lina dropped the controller, sighing deeply. She looked down at the floor, and finally spoke. "I'm not sorry..." 2001-10-17 13:15:16 Okay, I finally cancled Project Hitomi, it was going to be bad, I know it. Maybe there are enough Evangelion music videos, and I'm just to late.
    Anyhow, I'm sorry. I really am.

    Project Black is what I'm working on, I won't do the entery untill it's done. I promise you.

    Noir - Out Of Control - Chemical Brothers
    It's not going to be very emotional, or thaught provoking. (sp?)
    It'll just be cool.
    I feel bad about that, sorta... but I don't at the same time.
    I guess I'm just being a hypocrit agian. -_-

    I've been wanting to do an AMV to Posession, by Sarah McLachlan, but I can't find the Anime that will work for that.

    BTW: To Doki Doki Productions, Your Senshi on Springer video was really cute. ^-^

    "...I can't stop, everyone isn't happy yet, nor am I dead yet... I promis you, once everyone's happy, I'll stop... ...Just, please... please tell me when I'm done, I'm just to tired to tell anymore..." 
  • Guess what mama! I'm going to be an elete pilot! Mama! ...Mama? ...she hung there, smiling serenly... ...I hated that look on her face... 2001-10-16 10:18:29 I suck. -_-
    Project Hitomi was supposed to be done by now... I think at least, I'm not to sure what day it is. Hitomi isn't going to come out either, I got maybe one minuite into it, and it simply dosn't look as good as I was hopeing, and besides, all the Eva Eps I could find were 1-4, 17, 18 and 23. Well, those were all the DVD ripped ones, and they were in poor quality DivX. Blech. I tried, I failed, as usual. It would be worse then the other video's I refuse to show the world.
    I can't capture my Eva VHS tapes, their semi-low quality bootlegs, and I don't have enough space to capture.
    My harddrive is full of unwatched Divx now, more Noir then you can shake a senshi at. Heh. I am considdering doing a Noir music video, to Out of Control by the Chemical Brothers. I admit it won't be the normal emotion seen in anything I've produced, but maybe I need to make something more 'fun' for once? *sigh*

    I ment to burn most the anime on Usagi to CD, so I went to wallmart to buy the cheapest CD's I could find.
    Guess what? The cheap CD's don't work in my DVD player. _
    I dropped the bag while walking back too, so some of the cases are cracked.
    I can return two packs, and maybe get some better ones.
    I blew all my money, and the guy didn't give me a recipt.
    So, it seems I've screwed myself over agian.
    Maybe I do it on purpose...

    Oh well... I quit for today, I feel like going to bed, and I would, if it wasn't 10:12am, and I was in school.

    "Can it rain all the time?" 
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