JOURNAL: Alternababe (Sabrina )

  • Waugh 2011-10-09 18:06:30
    Wow, I've been married for 3 months. Being married is chill. It's like seeing your best friend every day. I has a happy.

    Also, we bought a house. In Southern California. That's right, my husband & I own a house. It's almost profound to me that this is something that can actually happen.

    So I've been basking in the impossibility of awesomeness that has been my life recently. I wish I could go back in time & tell 13 year old me that, yes, it gets better.

    And now it's time to sue my old landlord for trying to take our deposit. Weeee! Nooooooo....  
  • 5942 hits 2009-10-15 01:04:46 Wow, it's been awhile. Ok, so I finally quit my job at the hardware store, and my sanity thanks me. I had a job offer to cook & provide services for clients at a high-end sound studio. They ate my expensive shrimp dish I made the night before, were super impressed, and told me to be ready to work Monday. Come Monday. they said they were hiring internally. Super fuck 'em. So I spent the rest of the week frantically searching. Well, I only frantically searched for two days, cause I got several positive responses. I now work a Bevmo seasonally. Now I'm off to get the results or my TB test to get the job I really want. 
  • 5825 hits 2009-08-07 19:09:45 Last weekend was pretty rough. Eric & I found out we got the new house on Thursday. AS we were finalizing the paperwork with the landlord, I got a call from my MOm about my Grandma. She was apparently not feeling very well, and no one really knew what was going on. My Mom said she was going to fly to Mississippi, and asked me if I wanted to come. I declined, because I wanted more information before I took a week off work and an expensive emergency flight. My Mom arrived on Friday, the same day we had to be totally moved out of our old apartment. PAcking took up the entire day. Mom asked me to look after her house, but I really had no time. We got mostly moved in one day, with 5 cars going nonstop and no van. Grandma continued to get worse, and on Saturday night, I booked a flight to leave on Monday morning. On Sunday night, as Eric & I were eating pizza near the new house, I got a phone call that Grandma was in such pain that she had to be on a morphine pump, and the morphine was speeding her demise. I prayed she's make it til MOnday night, but she didn't, and I was too late to say goodbye. I went to work early Monday morning, and just watched tv in the break room. The whole week was long and hard, and Monday just seemed like a fleeting dream. I'm just waiting to feel normal again, and it's hard to believe Grandma's really gone. I wanted to go to the funeral Wednesday, but with all the infighting, I'm glad I stayed here. I'm just really irritabel at everyone right now.

    I hate cigarettes.

    I'm also worried about my Grandpa. He's alone now, and I don't want him to be alone & sad, like a sock left at the bottom of the dryer. I'm going to try & fly out for a visit sometime in September. 
  • 5794 hits 2009-07-22 10:44:19 It's hot. At 7:45 am. I feel like I'm gonna die every day at work. I've even stopped wearing my work apron, because it makes me like even hotter. I'm planning to quit my job as soon as I find one in Torrance anyway, because there's no way I'm commuting to this job. I have to leave for work in 2 minutes. Maybe there's a job offer in my email... 
  • 5764 hits 2009-07-12 00:19:59 Today I started a new internship. It's in a huge house in Beverly Hills, and I'll be working for this woman Donna who looks a little bit like Madonna. Weird. SO today I got her e-vites together. Never done pr before. It's tedious & time-consuming, but hopefully I'll learn something. After doing that for about 4 hours, I went to the eye doctor. Expensive & not too helpful, seeing as how I still don't have fresh contacts. At the moment, I am listening to my roommate shoot his 48 hour film in the other bathroom.

    Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I've let my life slowly slip away. 
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